Gearbox consider a hardcore dedicated server without cheats/exploits [ Discussion ]

Current situation/Problem : A lot of us don’t feel satisfied/enjoyment farming for better gear when you know there’s people who uses cheats/mods/exploits/being handed everything on a silver plate from other players. Not everyone is casual, some want more challenge and want their things to hold a value. The cheating has barely begun and we’re already seeing a lot of complains online. Although it is true that it’s not a competetive game, it still offers matchmaking system, which many will use for upcoming raids etc.

Solution : Just like TVHM, there would be a Hardcore mode. You’d need to be connected online to boot it up and play.

  • You can’t drop, trade, gift weapons/items with other players. You need to earn everything yourself
  • Once you kill a boss it will be on cooldown.
  • a big and long matchmaking dungeon where the players can vote which main boss to fight at the end

feel free to give your own ideas

Make it properly “hardcore” and only allow white gear.

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  1. I don’t think that making items no-trade would add value to them. I think it would remove value from them because if you won’t personally use something then you can’t trade it to others. So the item would remain the same but have one less possible use. I do understand the appeal of making your own “ironman” character, but that should be a character-specific option instead of a server-wide thing.

  2. A cooldown on spawns wouldn’t actually add difficulty to farming bosses. It would only add time, and it doesn’t have to be time spent playing if it’s just a cooldown. People could watch a video or do something else while they wait, spending the same total amount of effort on farming the boss. So you’d only be delaying the farming of items, not making it more prestigious.

  3. (No comment.)

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One thing to note is that none of the Borderlands games are server-based. There are match-making servers obviously, but once a session is joined the game is entirely peer-to-peer with one player as the ‘host’. Similarly, all saves (for better or worse) are local not server-side.

In order to provide a ‘dedicated server’ Gearbox would have to significantly change core code in the game, as well as build the server infrastructure.

Your best option for avoiding the cheats is to join a group of like-minded players. There are several Discourse communities for all platforms you can check out, as well as the active communities on the different consoles you can find through the on-line play sections here.

Gearbox did this once in one of the previous games. It was not at all popular, and was subsequently removed. Farmers gotta farm and all that.

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