Gearbox Coupon on G2A for 50% off pre-order!

Hi All!

I know money has been a bit tight lately for me atleast, but I could definitely in now way not good this game coming up.

I came across an amazing pre-order deal (perhaps backed by gearbox?) on G2A, that helped me be able to secure my copy!

It is . Hope this helps someone and look to see you guys soon!


Not saying this is a bad thing in any way, or that it’s illegitimate or fraudulent, but everyone should be very careful buying from G2A. The website itself does not sell game keys, only acts as a broker for the transaction between you and an individual selling an unused key. The website does offer paid protection against non-working keys, as does completing the transaction theough PayPal. Additionally, you should be aware that the developers will not profit from the sale of their game key on G2A, so there’s that if it’s something you care about. I don’t want to discourage anyone from trying to get a deal, I just want everyone to realize that they’re buying from another individual using this, and thus should take that into consideration. Do your homework on the seller and take steps to ensure that you are dealing with a reputable individual. Personally, I question how anyone is selling (promising?) keys for a yet-to-be released game at half price, but I digress. Be careful out there, folks!

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as much as it kills me to have to wait, i am willing to do it for a game that I believe is worth it, and battleborn is one of the few that has caught my attention in years. So while it does suck to wait, I will do it for my battleborn.

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