Gearbox Destroying Borderlands 3 Week By Week

On release day, as we all know, BL3 had some major issues, shutting down consoles, bank items completely being deleted, crashes, audio issues etc. We come to expect games being released broken. 2018-2019 has been a disaster for many devs, rushing games out on publishers demands for money, and game after game releases broken. Aside from the issues, BL3 was nigh on excellent. I appreciate some items were extremely overpowered (Pipe Bomb etc) and these have been adjusted, but rather than fix the game breaking issues, Gearbox has gone gung-ho on nerfing items, weapons, and builds, in the process, as each week goes by the game is getting duller and duller, players have spent hours farming an item, only for Gearbox to patch it and make it irrelevant.

I’ve always been a huge BL fan, but found I haven’t played for 3 days now, even with the BH event, I just can’t be bothered farming items, not knowing if Gearbox will destroy the item next patch.

Thought I was the only one but seems people are dropping like flies from the game, including several of my friends who adore the series. Is this a general view here as well? People have been so quick to abandon the game for other releases etc.

Moze players have been hit hard, FL4K is still powerful, Zane is useless unless your a build pro with specific gear, and Amara, like Moze has also been violated by Gearbox.


Basically yeah. Agree. I can’t be bothered anymore. The fun went for me when I was getting a legendary on almost every fight on the new event but I have no room for them. Also I still get the bug where my console just completely shuts down when I join a friends game. It’s a total shut down too like my Xbox takes ages to boot back up. That cannot be healthy for my console. I’ll come back when they sort the vault space out. The outer worlds is amazing.

Also a mod on here told me to send my video of my phazerker mod falling through floor in a ticket so I did, I got a reply within the hour asking me to explain what had happened. I told them the video explains it all. I get another reply within the hour telling me they don’t watch videos. So I explain what happened and I’ve had no reply. Two days now. Yeah nah back to outer worlds.


Was already bad as a game because we had 0 content. Heck had more play time on most recent single player crap games. Don’t really care what they nerfed the point is they uselessly nerfed. And either they ignorant or flat trying to make their players mad, but either situation doesn’t bode well for the future of borderlands.
No surprise really the past decade has seen alot of epic franchises die to pretty much the same thing. Sad borderlands didn’t even need activision, EA, etc. to screw up their game they did it themselves.


I don’t recall any nerfs to Amara. Did I miss some? She got buffs in phasegrasp.


Amara been left alone even though she been the most powerful since day 1. Last nerf did get the element boost relic which she really din’t even need.


After a month the game isn’t really new anymore. There is a very large population of gamers that will only play a game a few weeks or a month after launch then move on to the next shiny thing being hyped. Companies like Gamestop used to make a mint off these players because they were the suppliers of used games since they tend to not have an actual attachment to the game that causes them to keep it. Many of them also traded in because they needed to for financial reasons to keep the habit going.


While still being good, Fl4k has also been violated. Before the nerfs Fl4k was way more fun.

There might have been a need to balance him a bit, but stupid decisions where made like reducing Fade away duration whith GiM and Leave no Trace nerf. Thes nerfs made him worse for mobbing whil still behing awesome against bosses.

Balancing is sth diffrent. Nerfbox doesnt seem to know what they are doing.


They’d noticed what the builds using those skills were doing and that because of it a specific build was being used so much more than any other that they nerfed pieces of it to make other builds more viable for consideration for players as a whole. The build in fact was so effective people were also using FL4K far more than any other character. Just because you disagree with their decisions due to what sounds like you were one of that overwhelming majority using said build doesn’t mean they don’t know what they are doing.


It is not about disagreeing with what they are doing.

Nerfbox stated for example they nerfed Fl4k because of the way he was able to melt bosses. So they reduced Fade away duration with GiM. Besides reducing damage (which was their focus based on their statement) they heavily reduced survivability and mobbing capability of fl4k with this move.

They never said sth about fl4k was unkillable or that they were trying to make him more glass canon. But they did with this move.

Thats why I am saying they dont know what they are doing. Or at least they dont communicate why they are doing what they are doing.


Nope. My friends list is full on rocking BL3.

“Hung ho!” everybody going hard.

Before that my friend list was approximately 71.333* BL2 and Battleborn with a smattering of other other random â– â– â– â– .

Me personally, my daughter and myself played BL1>BL2>BB>Bl3 near exclusively for the past 6+ years(obviously pending release dates if your trying to jerk around).

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I’m tired of hearing this crap. Borderlands is a fun game and I’m having fun with it. It’s only been out for a couple months… it is the norm for games like this to rebalance things at the beginning. And you don’t hate the game…if everyone hated it these forums wouldn’t be full of posts…it’d be a ghost town. Have fun with the game or don’t. Play the game or don’t. Telling the world how much you hate it is not going to change anything. It’s just a game in the end…not worth the frustration or y’alls rising blood pressure…


Do not sit here an say a couple of months it’s been out since Sept 13th 2019 it is Oct 28th as of this writing 1:13am EST. That is less then couple of months. It’s been out exactly 1 month and 15 days

Not even a little. Honestly if that’s the way you feel, you’re a minority, but you’re entitled to your opinion. Just take it to Reddit, that sub is a constant cesspool of negativity.


Dude who are you talking to? I like the game and was defending it

Talking to you, Don’t say the game has been out for months it hasn’t. Don’t treat this game as it has been out for 3-5+months.

Dude wtf are you going on about. What point are you trying to make?

If you’re just going to tell me you hate the game…I don’t care…play something else…I’m having fun with it


Nope just correcting your oblivious time schedule of this game when it actually released of where we are right now with how long it has ACTUALLY been out. Not your made up time of all these months that have flown by don’t make ■■■■ up that’s all

They tell you they don’t watch videos
They ask me for a video to show my problem.
The next reaction is normal, they will not answer you or it will take 1 week not to tell you that they cannot fix it.

And I’m tired of seeing unfinished products.
That you do not mind your money, does not mean that the rest too.


I still play it more then I play BL2 but when I started playing BL2 I was in it for months before stuff calmed down. This happened in BL3 after 2 weeks and tho I still enjoy it its at best a time filler now, not my main game…

And that for a Borderline game and a 60$ purchase to boot is a bloody shame…