Gearbox did Battleborn Dirty

Gearbox did Battleborn dirty. How could they not do a little sendoff? Would I have liked a 2-minute video from the characters saying they will continue to fight on? Yes. Would I have liked an official gearbox blog thanking the community for playing this game? Of course. Would I have accepted a tweet saying “It was an honor defending the universe with you #Battleborn” or something super cheesy in less than a tweet? Hell yea. But what did we get, barely a retweet of the official 2k post saying this game was doomed.

Even if there were less than 1k people playing this game in any given month, they were still playing this game for over 4 years (with no updates in 3), a simple thanks to the community should have been the minimum we get. Honestly, I am not mad at Gearbox, just disappointed.


I mean, at least on PS4 it looked like they halfed the price of magnus packs, introduced legendary packs for purchase and greatly reduced the prices of all the skins and taunts for the last day, so that is a bit of a send-off. Would it have been both nicer and more sensible to have just made everything free and available to use al a VIP pass use? Absolutely, especially since platinum has not been purchasable for quite a bit of time.

However, it’s still an acknowledgement on the part of the devs and technically a send-off.

Maybe you missed it, but I know for a fact that Battleborn’s main man, Randy Varnell, did indeed make a social media message (can’t remember if it was on Facebook or Twitter) thanking the community for their support of the game.


Well, that just makes them even crappier. They did those things on PS4?! The PC community is what BB was birth to. Why not give us those MINOR perks also?! I actually made a topic pleading for something of the sort. I actually wanted free or heavily discounted(90% off) cosmetics and packs. They did nothing for the PC players. I would have also loved some sort of farewell wallpaper or video. I mean, damn, we loved this game. They could have acknowledged that and gave us a little more of a sendoff.

As far as the tweets from Jythri(Randy Varnell), yes, he tweeted a goodbye. I did appreciate that. And of course, gave a message of slight hope of seeing BB in “some form” in the future. I really do hope that will happen. #BBFan4Life

Not sure what you meant by this^, could you elaborate? Pretty sure it launched on all platforms at the same time, and showed favoritism to none of the platforms at any point in time after the beta (and that’s if you consider exclusive access to Toby in the beta as “favoritism”).

As to the discounted skins and taunts, that admittedly could have been going on for a while, as I admittedly hadn’t checked the store for months, but the half priced magnus packs and 4000 credit legendary packs were definitely a last day thing, because I opened one of the former every time I got enough credits. I’m surprised to hear that Gearbox didn’t do so on PC as well if you’re sure of that.

That being said, I’m surprised they did anything and am not arguing that more wouldn’t have been nice–isn’t it always? I just disagreed with the OP that NOTHING was said or done.


Yeah, I was wrong. Since I don’t pay attention to console at all, I mean none at all, I thought it released on PC and on consoles later. Actually, the beta was on PS4, beta on PC a short time later, and released on PC and consoles shortly after that. Well, that set me straight, lol. (This Humble pie is good…)

I’m 100% sure that we didn’t get any discounts on the packs. We didn’t even have the Legendary pack, just the Magnus pack. I would have LOVED to have the Legendary pack available.

Anyway, time to continue my game search…

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Understandable; a good way to blow unused credits on that elusive legendary just to say you got it.