Gearbox do something for our eyes ! Eyestrain issue

Visuals on this game feels somewhat uneseccary overwhelming. Tone it down or gief option to tone it down.

Playing B3 for a hour its like welding metal for a hour, game reproduce alot of metal welding effects, which trigger eyestrain.

Eyestrain triggers:
-When you being hit with rocket
-When someone in group got flakker
-When someone in group use HEX
-Certain weapon which got big flash on its barrel during fire.
-Weapons with glowy ammo like Trevonator
-When something explode
-When F4ak enters in ulty
-Using element weapon, evry element hurt eyes but cold and radiation are worst.
-Multiplayer additionaly worsen eyestrain effect of B3

PS. I dont have any eyestrain playing other games, in addition I got expansive eye friendly monitor and gunnars gaming glasses, and only borderlands 3 hurts me, because game itself litelary reproduce metal welding effect with all those flashes.

PS2. If you dont want to tone down those glossy effects for our eyes turn it down because its imposible to aim while game glow like circus, specialy in multiplay.


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