Gearbox do you guys hate ISIC?

How about we reduce the passive DR to 15% for the rage passive?

Oh an while we are at it reduce the overshield on boldur dash by 50% and reduce his shield by 33% sound good?

No. Nerfing ISICs wards is the equivalent to nerfing one the above suggestions

You’re comparing completely different effects. His wards still reflect skills, shots, ultimates. Do you not realize how good that is? Forget that hes a tank with some of the best sustain dps in the game

his dps is good, but his tankiness isn’t much to write home about, isn’t a tank supposed to draw the fire of the enemy team? an ISIC that does that gets very dead very fast from my experience


Wrong, here.

Boldur can passively mitigate Dmg do you know how powerful that is? ISIC can’t do that. Additionally you can always use Shield pen gear and penetrate through shields

Boldur is also a tank with insane dmg.

Basically this. He has the ability to tank, even after the nerfs, but his sheer excellence at being a ranged DPS means there is no incentive to play this way. Once he gets some levels, he can get a buff to shield delay, a buff to shield strength, a buff to shield recharge rate, a buff to ward strength, a buff to energy aegis strength, and the ability reflect projectiles (potentially up to something like 1200 damage that just completely ignores him and is applied directly to the attacker). And his legendary encourages this playstyle. Pop wards, wards go down, use shield, shield goes down, and now wards are basically on an 11 second cooldown (minus however long it took to take the shield down). But when you are capable of obliterating waves from the other side of the map because you have a very powerful perfectly accurate AOE blast with no falloff or lifetime, why would you ever need any of this?

It reflects projectiles, that includes ultimates. It doesnt need to have more hp than the attack, you can sacrifice 1 ward to reflect a shield throw, or stop a hook, or even a boldur dash.
Boldur gets good damage at 7 and 10, ISIC has it 1-10. No reload, no damage fall-off, AoE.
Boldur isnt easy like ISIC.

only read the op’s post, don’t have time to read them all :frowning:

I was only really tanky as isic when the game first came out - since then ive gone all atk speed and only dps as him :'D

Because of the changes his ult is much more viable in pvp now. i can still tank a little damage if the lane gets pushed back to me, but normally im already such a big target i stay in the back. its a very good use for him. not a tank, but still an amazing character, and the wound is nice since slows have been nerfed. still waveclearing out the wazoo, and wrecking everything in an ult push.

isic may not be a classic game definition of a tank, but he’s still very much a real tank with that cannon.

Seriously. Stat attack speed on him, he will melt faces. melees cant even close, and ive turned and meltedassassins who got the dfop on me even.



The wards are super easy to take out though just shoot them with auto attacks they’ll all go down in 1-2 shots they’re pathetic. I’d be happy with a damage nerf and a rebuff to his wards for compensation

just shoot them with auto attacks

Congrats, you’ve played yourself. All the damage you dealt to take down the wards got directly applied to you, and as such ISIC is still at full health while you’ve taken up to 1200 damage from your own gun.

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They block 56 damage I doubt 1200 damage will be reflected with autos

I was surprised, isics wards managed to reflect toby’s railgun and I didn’t see a ward drop

They reflect any shot that hits them but they’re so weak you could just have om take them down with a few bullets.
My idea was to decrease his damage, buff his ward strength and if you chose the reflection it would reduce the ward strength.

i’d go wholeheatedly along with that, but the reflecting wards shouldn’t make them weaker I think.(please note all my isic experience is from playing against him/on the same team as him so i’m not just trying to argue for my character to be buffed)

(131 overcharged + 113 helix) * 5 wards = 1220 damage. If you aren’t overcharging wards, you’re playing ISIC wrong.

And it can be even more, seeing as how a ward at 1hp will still reflect the entire 200 damage shot that hit it.

That’s kind of my issue. At present, at the start of the match, and even with the helix upgrade far into the tree, the skill, requires you to charge it. It is no good without a charge. Basically worthless, honestly. Before I could at least pop it as an emergency tactic and have it last long enough to run.

HP and stun time back at least FFS. I’m one of the rare people that stack survivability on ISIC, and even then his HP is too low for his enormous crit zone, and I’d like to at least see the character I hit with the dash be stunned. I’m not even certain if it works anymore.

If they buff hp, bring back the slow, buff what the wards can eat that would be great.

In return, the reflect augmentation has a 50% chance and reflects only 25%.

It would still be annoying for enemies, but the skill would be a lot more defensive.

I also wish character shield strength would vary a little more It’s either 0 or 300, except for Augmentation, Gear, Kleese and Shayne & Aurox.

If the Girl and her Monster can start with 600, ISIC should have 450 at start, that could help out as well.

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The issue is you cannot buff an already broken character. He’s ridiculous at high level play and can lockdown a lane on meltdown by himself. His only real counter is melee characters and early game he just kicks them out of lane too easy. It’s his kits fault as a whole because they basically gave him everything. They either nerf him so he’s unusable in in pubs and is just okay in high level play or they re-work him so doesn’t have as much lane presence and damage. I would prefer they make him more tanky and give him more for the disrupt-er role instead of tanky aoe dps sniper.

I would take a charge cannon dmg nerf for my HP,Wards and Shields back to the way it used to be anyday.

I don’t know why he was even nerfed in the first place. He was almost never used in matches and I haven’t seen any formum post claiming he’s “OP”

How is he broken? Do you mean broken as he’s terrible? If so he need to be rebuffed. He is a tank first and formost and yet that role was striped from him entirely.

Montana has a minigun capable of high dmg addtional he has massive Dmg and a good hard CC(requires a wall but lasts 2 secs) he has both tankiness and dmg in one package his minigun is just point and shoot.

ISIC has to charge his shots to deal dmg with low HP and pathetic defenses

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Not everyone takes the right helix choice. Plasma dash cooldown is pretty good choice as well for escaping melee characters often.

Also 1200dmg is still nothing OM napalm AoE, Orendi’s fire pillar all can destroy your wards and dmg you at the same time. Did I mention shield pen gear? Yep you can potentially ignore 70% of shield including rotating wards since it counts as a shield.