Gearbox do you guys hate ISIC?

And as a bonus, Boldurs axe toss if he takes the returning axe helix. For whatever reason this bypasses the wards.

I don’t think you carefully read through my posts I never said his dmg sucks or he underpreforms. Im saying that he isn’t this godly tank that everyone keeps saying he is.

If you play a melee charcter you will get in ISICs face so your telling me you’re just gunna stand there and let him snipe you? Grab a rath Galilea or Boldur and kill him its not hard

ISIC is still good. For a giant gun turrent but if you want a REAL tank play someone else.

I love how when you guys can’t get your way you start insulting other people, if you truly believe that he is this godly tank then you are clearly mistaken. Was he OP at the start? Yes. But now what warrentes a double nerf? He has tons of counters and you two refuse to use them.

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Yep so all of this “Wards are OP’” is non sense use the hard counters he has and shut him down ISIC is the weakest attacker (dare I say tank) in the game.

Kleese has alomst the same starting HP as ISIC and he’s not labled a tank.

ISIC is not in needs of big buffs, just wards buff and slight health buff, honestly just better health scaling, his damage is fine, honestly I would not mind if they gave the charge time a longer time to full charge by 1 sec, or 1.5 in exchange for the tankiness

One last thing he is not that powerful his crit is big and melee normally equals bad matchup and if he is playing as sniper, your doing it wrong, (not too underpowered but still need buffs)

ISIC can block 2000 damage with his Aegis, and reflect up to 1700~ with his wards. And then his Aegis will be recharged to block more. His wards really really really really do not need buffed.
He can literally teleportstun away from almost any melee. He can teleport onto ledges melee cant even touch him at. He has high ranged DPS with no damage-drop off, you know how many ranged characters have no damage fall-off? Long range is doing it right.



  1. Once again attikus has a base HP of 2K if you use HP gear he can gain a lot if survivability and close the gap ro deal dmg thats why he has life steal High risk and High reward. 15% from level 1 + 15% from melee attacks + 30% from pounce equals 60%( the 30% lasts a few secs) you keep claiming “stun him” use you’re oblivious to the obvious that you will get stuned. If ISIC is stunned he dies since he has a low HP pool. Attikus high base HP will ensure he doesn’t get instan gibed

  2. Yeah he can. At least I can I my boldur that why I mastered him just because you can’t doen’t mean its not possible. To do so is sacrificeing other gear slots and dealing with lots of negatives.

  3. ISICs shield is an emergency shield incase his wards drop ( which they do very quickly) it effectively to block ranged heros but if your turtling you stop pressuring your target. Melee characters that get in your face will destroy you as blocking with it just delays your death.

Boldur on the other hand can reverse pressure with his shield its part of his kit block and close the gap his shield can be aumented 3 times (lvl 3 right helix, lvl 5 ultimate, lvl 10 left helix) making it supperior to ISICs shield which only has one augment.

Also if an ISIC take the left helix on lvl 10 thats a bad Idea. Its bad enough already to be in his ultimate because its just asking to be CCed but you want to take the dmg rockets tl pump out the most dmg.

  1. No its not ISIC just doen’t have the survivability. On my boldur I can hold off an entire team especially at lvl 5 with a pocket healer. The reverse is not true for ISIC the best I can hope for is that I can take out targets before they close that gap.

  2. Helix choices and shield pen does go through his wards my friend.

I think you guys have a misunderstanding of ISIC you probably never played as him and instead just encountered him.

He has the dmg if you read my OP I clearly stated that but his survivability was striped away in the process. He deals high dmf but is very squishy for a tank. Was he OP in the start? Yes. Even the first ISIC nerf I could somewhat agree but now? No he shouldn’t be a problem he just has the dmg and more importantly the range. If you still have problems dealing with him you need to L2P after 2 nerfs he shouldn’t be this “god tank” that you all make him out to be.

That being said I will gladly take a dmg nerf for my wards and HP back

He should not be played as sniper, your right about wards though, but then not charged should be useful (not to much, like 78 damage block, charged does not need one, or a miniscule buff if it does) I just feel his health needs more early (like 200, 250) but none late since his tanking is amazing then, just to reiterate the health buff should not be much with that sheild aegis which is amazing
Sorry if I made it sound like I said you play him as a sniper, I’m sure you play him as disruptor tank, and yeah I play ISIC

I can belive some people believe hes still OP still Lul. Hes best played like a sniper since he has limited survivability.Play a melee charcter and rush him.

No not sniper that is dumb

You forget to mentiom that he has to charge his shots, also thorn and marquis don’t have a dmg drop off.

Meh, I mean in the back his cannon has good range and AoE but you don’t want to be in the fray with him since it ineffective in CQC

I just have always played as a disruptor so note I may be biased, I just feel he does best that way, plus his aegis deals with melee easily so I can reposition and have my abilities back and kill the melee (he is not that underpowered, more undertuned actually
Also sorry for saying it is dumb, I just feel that way about it to be honest

Anyone can get a lot of survivability from HP gear, moreso agile squishy characters since 600-700 hp from gear is bigger for low hp characters than tanks. Thats not 15% hp steal, thats 15% hp steal on a low-damage skill, you’ll barely steal any life with that. His other 15% lifesteal helix means hes NOT getting his best damage helix. Which means weak attikus. ISIC is a ranged character, not even Marquis or Toby could kill him in a 2 second stun, so whatever your talking about is exaggeration.

No, you cant. 35% from rage, 15% from passive. 15% from equipment? That requires 3 specific legendaries that arnt even that good, and its only temporary from the front. Again, this is exaggeration/deception. And BAD, damage reduction is bad on equipment. EVERY good boldur player knows to get HP. I can give you other tips too if you want.

Disagree, ISIC’s shield is whenever he damn well wants. If he wants to negate damage instead of deal it, he’ll shield. Blocking melee characters (since you dont know how to push them back) buys time for your cooldowns to come back, like your easy-escape teleport. I think that so many people think ISIC is bad because he got nerfed that nobody is actually playing him to prove themselves wrong.

Taking Deft Defender and his Shield master helix is redundant and bad. Any good boldur player knows that. You dont take a helix to buff shield HP then take a helix to infinite. Axe Mastery is too good to turn down.
I think you need to understand that tanks function differently, not every tank is going to be Boldur. Galilea is actually squishier than GHALT but shes still a tank, she can sustain, block, control, and escape.

Thorn and Marquis are snipers, so of course they dont have damage fall off. I’m not forgetting to mention, im just not always stating the obvious.
I’ve played against ISIC, i’ve played against GOOD ISIC’s since i’ve played since tech alpha, saw all the broken characters. I think we can sum it up as… You think attikus is unstoppable and you think ISIC is bad. The entire competitive scene disagrees with you, and you disagree with them, and thats all anyone needs to know.
Oh and they also know Boldurs too strong so hes banned/picked often too

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Hey, honest question, you still play him as disruptor right if yes I have a question, would you take line up fellas if it had a bigger multiplier OR if battleborn hit had a bigger multiplier

NP eveyone has their play style. ISIC is still good great dmg but the survivability just isn’t there.

The survivability is high just slight buff actually, as for the bans and picks of competitive is an excuse with that as that to me just lack of adapting if the SAME character gets banned and picked

he’s not lying to you it’s possible, the fact that part of it is situational is up to you to like or not, personally i’m okay with it since it reaches the point he claims it does(albeit situationally)

now for equipment you take blissbest skull plate
"5.60% Damage Reduction
+4.20 Health Regeneration per Second
Gain -5.60% Damage Reduction for 5 seconds after taking damage from the front."

“All-4-One™ Morale Booster”
+14% Healing Received
-2.80% Damage Reduction
Grant 9.80% Healing Received to nearby allies. Does not stack.

Pain-2-Gain™ Re-Knitter
+280 Maximum Health
-2.80% Damage Reduction
Taking health damage stacks +2.80 Maximum Health until death. Max 100 stacks.

34+15+2.8+2.8+11.2(situational but let’s go ahead and grant it)

it is all legendary yes, but quit trying to say people are lying when they aren’t

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Touched a nerve eh? His lvl one skill gives him a flat 15% life steal on his hydronic arc skill which if you inhance with skill dmg gear can do decent healing.

The other life steal gives him survivability if you refuse to take it then you will die more often since you’re not specing for tankiness. Use attack dmg gear for more melee dmg and better heals.

ISIC is a ranged hero thats it if you close the gap on him he will die his entire kit (imo) was meant to dusrupt ranged heros the only thing he has aginst melee is the lvl 2 left helix which exposes him range heros and his plasma dash which has a 20 sec cool down and a 1 sec stun ( lvl 4)

I love how you make assumptions and act like im stupid. I use his quick melee but quick melee has been nerfed you knock them back once and they close the gap again the second and third QM is less effective.

Lul. You say its not possible to get 65% then you say that Its not viable to do so admiting that its possible so which one is it then? It is viable if you don’t want to block as much not every boldur is going to play YOUR way thats why builds diversity is good in this game.

Galilea is territorial. Hence why her desecrate has a pull/slow/silence once you’re in her “territory” she wins plus life steal and a get away ultimate shes a different kind of tank to boldur.

No not everyone disagrees, its just you. You have this false dichotomy that ISIC is a god tank and everyone else palse in comparison to him. I never said Attikus is unstoppable I said he can tank better than ISIC all he has is dmg now his tankiness. This may sound rude but you’re as stubborn as boldur and you resort to insults and false claims when you can’t win or convince others of your arguements.

I wouldn’t mind his HP being restored back to what it used to be