Gearbox do you guys hate ISIC?

(Bladedancer ) #101

I wouldn’t mind his HP being restored back to what it used to be

(Dwarfurious) #102

@loving-hatred Hes lying if thats not the exact combination of gear he uses. Which i didnt believe, especially since he has a penchant for exaggeration and can still be ignored for balance purposes because anyone can achieve it. But sure if he wants to insist to be taken seriously and rolls 3 DR-legendaries… I mean some other guy said Axe Toss did 1000 damage and i called ■■■■■■■■. Sure with Ambra+Reyna stacking vulnerability it can, but not because of axe toss. Conditions and technicality matter in balance.
@TheDragonX Thats what i said, and its terrible life stealing, no where nearly equal to “15% life steal” in general. His ultimate for example, its great damage but could only achieve 30% lifesteal. Life stealing isnt tankiness anyways, its sustain. Use life stealing gear and take the Tenacity helix.
I find it funny you didnt list the items you used for DR when i first called you out, that would of been the time. Probably because those arnt the items you use and 15% was an exaggeration like i suspected. And its still not technically 65% since its situational, i did you a favor in working out the numbers to find it possible under conditions. Course, you may as well include Alani’s DR buff and call it 80% yeah?
No only the good boldurs play that way.

I never said anyone else pales compared to him. ISIC and Boldur are both being ‘adjusted’, Kelvins being ‘adjusted’ too.[quote=“TheDragonX, post:77, topic:1542394”]
Attikus has a high HP pool and life steal that sustains him coupled with attck speed gear and melee dmg gear he’s unstoppable.
Thats you saying hes unstoppable. If in your opinion his limited and temporary Lifesteal, HP regen and larger base HP pool is enough to outweigh ISICS shield delay reduction, shield recharge increase, reflecting wards (up to 1700hp on them wards) 2000hp aegis and 2000hp + overshield on ultimate… Then fine, thats just your opinion.

You cant be convinced of anything, thats not my fault. MULTIPLE people have pointed out how good ISIC is while you keep trying to undersell him. ISICS an amazing character, disagree all you want, reality dont care. Because when people draft for competitive scrims and tournaments, ISIC is going to be banned or picked in 100% of the matches. Boldur too most of the time. But Montana ? Kelvin? Attikus? They’re hardly ever picked, let alone banned. Galileas in a pretty good spot, picked often but never really banned. This is natural selection in action, this is experienced players against experienced players learning the hard way what works and what doesnt, and which heroes are the most powerful. ISIC found his way to that spot.

Oh you mean false claims like
"2 ward nerfs they once blocked 300 dmg each[Edit] (corrected to 300) now only block a tiny 58 dmg" (they block waaaay more because of helix and overcharge)
"health nerf yet he’s labled a tank and has the lowest for one" (Galilea has lesssssss, kelvin and montana and attikus cant block)
plasma dash stun is 1 sec ISIC can’t escape melee characters now since they get up so fast (HE CAN TELEPORT, thats literally the best melee escape in the world)
slow removed and replaced with heal debuff on lvl 5 mutation( which doesn’t even last long) ((its permanent because he re-applies it with every charge shot!))
Basically your entire first post is misleading information to make it sound like ISIC is bad. Pot calling kettle black much.

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #103

Eh the competitive scene just won’t branch out to other characters just because they have these insane beliefs of characters being better than all the others when most are fine, montana and attikus are fine, also would you get ISICS lets hug fella helix if the multiplier was bigger by like 10 or if hitting battleborn had a bigger multiplier, also don’t you agree he plays his disruptor role just fine

(Dwarfurious) #104

Thats like saying competitive players are not being competitive. People do sometimes try such characters and everyone is reminded why such characters are not picked more often. Also they’re very prone to counter-picks, since they’re countered by specific heroes more than most. Anyways there is literally nothing more that can be said in this thread, its probably run its course, ISIC will continue being a great hero and people who cut it with him will just play someone else. Pretty simple, peace out.

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #105

Not really they can do fine and there is such thing as counter banning, to be honest the competitive scene reminds me to much of smite, insane meta stuff and then someone picks a different character does awesome, even worse when a “pro” picks one and all of a sudden "this character is so meta"
Just to clarify I still think ISIC does fine I just want you to answer this[quote=“cadecampbell, post:103, topic:1542394”]
also would you get ISICS lets hug fella helix if the multiplier was bigger by like 10 or if hitting battleborn had a bigger multiplier, also don’t you agree he plays his disruptor role just fine

(Bladedancer ) #106

No Im not lying about the DR, but you can keep refusing all you like.

An endgame attikus with attck speed gear, HP gear and atk dmg gear he can be very difficult to deal with an be almost unstoppable.

You’re the only one trying to convince me that I’m wrong and you insult me and make false claims. How many times do I have to say that Im not claiming his UP im claiming that isn’t as effective as a tank compared to other tanks in the game.

You say Kelvin, Attickus and Montana are hardly picked? Not from my experience but I can’t claim that for sure since I don’t have data. Do you have data? Or are you pulling that out of thin air?

His wards don’t block AoE dmg. And the reflect only procs if the wards can block the in commind dmg. If you deal more dmf than the ward it will not refleft but rather break.

Attikus and Montana can’t block but they have a high HP pool, DR and Life steal with a mix of CC, Montana can body slam stun for two secs a slow. Attikus can slow and silence you. All are supperior to wards

His stun dash isn’t the best melee escape in the game. It only last 1 sec goes in one direction. Kelvin and Gallia have better escapes. Kelvin can control where he moves and can stun a whole team. Galilea can use abysmal form and heal plus escape.

The heal debuffs can be " perma applied" unless you have aim bot charters move and you can always hit with charge cannon. Lul if a melee hero is on you its RIP as they dance around you while you hopelessly try to shoot them.

ISIC is just a giant gun turrent. He’s no real threat and I don’t see why he would be banned in tournaments.

(julenotaola) #107

I think gearbox must op a little isic.
i feel the same with benedict during 3months and fiinally fix it.then a lot of benedict players
now isic is horrible to play .even i feel pain in my finger index.its horribleeeeeee.its clear .nobody choose him. Nobodyyyyy. Sometimes even dont reflect attacks. Fix all .
And nerf kleese a little please .its horrible with his torrets in echelon.
the rest more or less are ok. The geyser of alani is useless now ,a waist of time. but she is ok
thanks fot listen

(Bladedancer ) #108

Apparently he is receiving a nerf to his charge cannon reducing the dmg multipler and removing the AoE , and he might ( keyword is might) get a defense buffs to his wards to compensate.

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #109

The AOE nerf really just seem pointless

(Skeksis Syl) #110

ISIC is actually quite fun to play as is. You just have to be extremely careful and aware of what’s happening around you and always try to use as much damage mitigation as you can. A little bummed about the aoe nerf cause I am still getting used to landing my shots but meh. A good team comp helps too. He is quite beastly on monuments

(julenotaola) #111

Ok. Remove the Aoe if they want. Its very easy to level up with him,but put more defense with wards.i do this ability and in 2 seconds i dont have it because 2 or three ate shooting me. When its one enemy only ,he run away,or wait till wards finish.all people know he can reflect attacts .and the time you stay with aegis you got another enemy at the back.because isic is so big and people is not afraid to die…

(Dwarfurious) #112

In other words, it buys you 6+ seconds of immunity from certain heroes who dont want to eat their own damage? Sounds great sign me up!

(Skeksis Syl) #113

But it’s not that hard to nullify the reflecting wards ability even without aoe which completely removes it. Straffing in either direction while unloading Into the wards means you avoid the reflection back at you. As well the amount of damage wards can reflect isn’t exactly accurate as I have seen/had 2 wards left that were doing nothing but keeping me from getting my cool down started. Wards don’t protect you either if your opponent possesses the high ground on you and just shoots over them

(julenotaola) #114

Yes.and even with this 6 seconds with wards.whr you can do.?nothing ,see the sun.nobody is around. Maybe appear a melee character and only you can do is turn 180 grades and push twice the botton of dash (overpowered dash is useless) .and be careful to go far with it.but no to much because if you up the camera to much the move is not make

only you want is to see around and survive.
its boring

(Ambra's Arbiter) #115

About ult, I actually see it as a buff for PVP. You only ever use it for quick engagements or to mow through tons of enemies while getting healed. The first is easier (shorter cooldown) and the second is fixed.

(julenotaola) #116

Ok.i must say that now i love to play with him.sorry. the result of the party used to be high.just you must know the moves more or less ( shoot ,without shied do wards, then do aegis or if shield is filled shoot ) only i remember a little toby.
i dont know why people dont choose him now. Maybe i use only a little aegis.only to retreat(in the helix i select de more damage to overpowered shoot) you say is little tank. But is good. Now i dont want to change him…lol

(Skeksis Syl) #117

I just want his wards to be a little taller so high ground doesn’t absolutely ruin me and for my wards not to collapse from an aoe

(Ka-Klaw) #118

He doesn’t need steller clear at all.
He already has one of the best pokes in the game.

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #119

I’d rather it be reduced not taken away

(Ka-Klaw) #120

Then he’d still have one of many reasons that he trumps other BB hard.