Gearbox doesn't know how to balance anything

Okay so basically this is what I know. Moze got a nerf with a 2 second cooldown and her Mech isn’t even useful (it dies in like 4 seconds and barely does any damage), Fl4k had a nerf to his only viable build (his fade away crit build) which makes sense, but now put a 2 second cooldown on a skill that has a chance to return 1 bullet…what? I don’t really know about Amara but if anything is useless on her please fix it. But most importantly…Zane. Half of Zane’s skills either are completely useless or broken, like actually broken to where it doesnt even work or scale right. The “buff” they gave to Zane doesn’t even do anything. I just want every character viable and strong but it can’t be helped if they do nerfs to an already broken game (and not the good broken). Especially Zane, Zane needs A LOT of love (I’m not being bias or anything as I want every character to have buffs applied to them, but Zane is actually the weakest).

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To be fair, I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw any game company attempt to balance anything and come off looking like there was anything more going on behind the scenes than randomly plugging different numbers into their damage formulas and then immediately pushing it live without any testing.

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Honestly though

DotA 2 takes balancing very seriously and should be the model for modern game balancing as buffs and nerfs arent something to be taken as a type of immediate reaction perceived by a small group of people (developers!). DotA 2 does this impeccably by taking a lot of time to consider the appropriate action while making adjustments in small increments.


My friggin gosh thank you! And this is what I want to see in Borderlands 3.

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