Gearbox doesn't play their own game

“We’ve noticed Zane has issues, so we’re buffing him”
introduce useless buffs to drone and digiclone base damage

I hope this isn’t a sign of something…

“We’ve noticed Fl4k’s pets are weak, so we’re buffing them”
introduce useless buffs to a skill that gives you mediocre bonuses for whichever pet you have equipped
“Also we’re continuing to kill the only thing that made him viable, lol”


“Moze’s grenade build is fun!”
“So we’re nerfing it!”
introduce changes making the meta grenades still do the same exact thing, but screwing you over if you dare to use anything weaker than the OP meta grenades

Are you actually even playing the games, or just swinging the nerf bat around blindly? These changes are so tone deaf it’s astounding, and I don’t even want to open your game to play anymore, since I have no idea what you’re going to randomly change next. Melee Amara looks interesting, maybe I should invest into building a melee build up? Oh no, you decided Elemental Amara was too underused, so you introduced an internal CD timer to her Brawl capstone!

Seriously, revert the nerfs, realize that getting to the point where you kill things instantly is half the fun of your game, and instead embrace buffing the characters and areas that need it.


to be frank, i dont use moze’s grenade build and i dont use flak so its not a nerf for me. that being said, they are ignoring the core ■■■■ thats killing the game: inventory load times. cant get a new gun put on in under 30 secs and thats a real hindrance. oh, and zane’s skills are bugged too.

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Bugged is putting it nicely lol Broken/not even working are also applicable LOL

well, i kinda meant that all in the whole bugged part but yes, broken and with no fix in sight

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I really think that they need to start listening to the community. Was just looking at the top comments on some videos that Borderlands youtubers made about today’s hotfix, and tons of people are angry at Gearbox. People don’t like the fact that Gearbox is continuing to nerf the strong builds when there are so many skills, augments, and action skills that are weak or even flat out broken (as in not working).

And you know what? They have a point. Gearbox should not be nerfing the strong builds before they buff the weak builds. Once you get the weak builds buffed to a higher baseline, then you can nerf the current strong builds down to that baseline. They’re going about their updates backwards, and that is just a real shame. Some of the possible builds are just borderline unplayable currently, and it seems like Gearbox is more concerned with nerfing the fun, strong builds than they are with fixing the crap builds.

I was just pulling your leg, I totally got your meaning lol as a Zane main it just stings so I have to have some catharsis where I can get it :sweat_smile::rofl:

dont use big words here. most people cant understand them…like, uh, my friend? and now thread is locked…yay…

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There are plenty of threads already on the topic of needs, please post in one of those.