Gearbox - door ticket wedding invitations

Hey Gearbox,

So now that the level cap increase has made most farmed items redundant, please can you offer a limited “at the door” opportunity to “purchase” (limited event?) new wedding invitation sniper rifles at the max level :slight_smile:

Thanks, much love


Or make it farmable in the dlc. That would be nice.


This should absolutely be the case.

I understand if they don’t make it permanently farmable because it is so strong, they limited the amount of them in circulation. Probably one of the most expensive trade items with good anoints…

Yeah, it’s strong…but so are guns like Cutsman and Ion Cannon.

Those are farmable. The Wedding Invitation should be farmable too. Especially because it appeared as part of an event that was a hint at/preview of this exact DLC!


i have a mule chuckfull with them :sweat_smile:

I’m sure there’ll be some lvl 57 ones floating around soon.

not likely (unless modded)

GB needs to get on track and put these weapons in the lootpool

I think they wanted items like that to be time-limited (during an event only). However, in this case, both the Wedding Invitation and Terminal Polyaimorous cannot be gotten again for a character because they are earned by completing challenges that can only be completed one time per character. I hope they reconsider.

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