Gearbox epic crossover game with all/most of their IPs

Gearbox could and should make a crossover game. Here’s my original post/idea about it. I felt that this deserves it’s own discussion topic.

Maybe Gearbox should make an epic gearbox crossover game featuring characters from all their IPs in an openworld loot shooter campaign Borderlands style.

So, they could use Duke, dudes from Battleborn, Borderlands, etc…

And they could even reuse a bunch of other content, like the maps and such.

I’d buy the heck out of that. But you really can’t put Duke in Borderlands. BUt you can certainly put all Gearbox stuff into a new epic crossover!

Here are the IPs they created or have or had access to:
Duke Nukem
Brothers in Arms
and less likely candidates: Halo, Resident Evil, Half Life, Tony Hawk (I didn’t realize they had been involved in some of those)

Continuing the discussion from Its fun to play as duke, do the same for borderlands 3?:

I picture a mash up game with a dream story that literally tells the player, this is not canon at the very start of the game. Gameplay-wise, I’d prefer mostly Borderlands style, but they could throw in elements of the others as useful. But essentially I’d love a way to play around with any of their characters in a Borderlands style framework.