Gearbox face masks?

As you may recall, a number of months ago GB offered facemasks in return for donation to a cause (I actually forget which cause, it was associated with mini-game).
I donates enough to get 4 masks.
Haven’t seen hide nor hair of them, nor any indication of where I can get a status.

Did anyone get their masks?

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Check your heads? I didn’t donate but the masks are ingame cosmetics

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I recall seeing the post and wondering what the hell it was about

In-game digital masks?

Looks like at the bottom one could get real masks for $15


Sure, they are digital. In your quick change :grin:

No, I meant the physical ones, not the digital. Anyone order them?

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If you ordered the real ones and didn’t receive anything, follow-up on the store email (you should have got one confirming the order).

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There were the physical masks you could buy, but the donation deal was only for the in game digital masks.

Mine took over a month to arrive after ordering (and they weren’t great quality, but they do look cool at least). They got overwhelmed with the initial orders.

I’d do as @VaultHunter101 suggested if you did order the physical masks and reply to your confirmation email.

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Thanks. I was holding off until I got a confirmation that someone had gotten theirs (logistics being a little complicated in these times), so now I have that.

Yes, I purchased the Moze masks. I did receive them, along with a code for my digital in-game copies after providing my $5 donation. :innocent:

Oh, mayne, they really need to make more of those real-life masks, in a few styles and good quality. There aren’t many games as mask-heavy as this one, and both BL2 and BL3 especially were broadly advertised, so people will definitely recognize these. The “human malware” problem isn’t going to be over any time soon. I 'magine these would sell like hotcakes if they got another bunch of them to sell. Should be easier now that mask production has ramped up a hundredfold since this mess began.

Wow just went to the loot store and noticed BL3 is just 10 bucks, reminds me of the last breath for Battleborn. Same exact thing happened back then.

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The real masks suck. They are made in China, single layer, non-adjustable, and the fabric is very permeable. Also overpriced for what they are.

Can we still donate and get the in game mask?.. If so could someone send me a link please? I would appreciate it.

Yep yep, looks like it’s still a thing.

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I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Unlike BB, BL3 is turning a profit.