Gearbox face masks?

As you may recall, a number of months ago GB offered facemasks in return for donation to a cause (I actually forget which cause, it was associated with mini-game).
I donates enough to get 4 masks.
Haven’t seen hide nor hair of them, nor any indication of where I can get a status.

Did anyone get their masks?

Check your heads? I didn’t donate but the masks are ingame cosmetics

I recall seeing the post and wondering what the hell it was about

In-game digital masks?

Looks like at the bottom one could get real masks for $15

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Sure, they are digital. In your quick change :grin:

No, I meant the physical ones, not the digital. Anyone order them?

If you ordered the real ones and didn’t receive anything, follow-up on the store email (you should have got one confirming the order).

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There were the physical masks you could buy, but the donation deal was only for the in game digital masks.

Mine took over a month to arrive after ordering (and they weren’t great quality, but they do look cool at least). They got overwhelmed with the initial orders.

I’d do as @VaultHunter101 suggested if you did order the physical masks and reply to your confirmation email.

Thanks. I was holding off until I got a confirmation that someone had gotten theirs (logistics being a little complicated in these times), so now I have that.