Gearbox far left?

Are gearbox far left?
I am genuinely curious, and to be clear when i say far left i mean antifa supporting, everyone who doesn’t agree with me is a nazi …completely lost touch with reality…far left. Ideologues.
I ask mainly because i noticed the pronoun thing in the Fl4k sticky.

Post your opinion and evidence to support it.

Honestly. Read these threads:

And the forum rules:

And then, please, just try and deal with the fact that non-binary folks exist, that Gearbox promote inclusiveness, and that on this forum, it’s considered polite to use they/them.

If that’s really too much to ask, I can only suggest that you go somewhere else. No-one here cares what you call them in-game or in the safety of another discussion platform.

I’ll take any questions via pm.