Gearbox fix fps drops in Guardian Takedown

Hello everyone! I`m playing on PS4 PRO and have a problem with FPS in Guardian Takedown. After completing first part of takedown and getting to crystal charging phase game drops fps perhaps to 10-15 , and after that phase game is still lagging in other locations too. The fps problem fixes only after exiting to main menu. Attach please find.

Support team please do something about this problem in game!

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I had the exact same issue, I posted video of it. The problem went away after disabling the Broken Hearts event. Try that, it worked for me.

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Thanks for the answer. Shall try tomorrow and see if that will work


Did this work for you? I have a similar issue on PS4.

After killing Anathema, and reaching the next level after the save point, if I die there and return to start the final boss level over, my frame rate drops significantly. Way too slow to continue.

Thanks for the info. I’m going to disable “Hearts Event” and see if it works. This only started happening lately, so it could be the event causing the lag. Thanks again for the info. and good luck.

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Yes it did work. After disabling Broken Hearts event fps drops are gone.