Gearbox, fix your game!

I’m getting so tired of these crashes, even on the new Xbox console. Thank goodness it loads fast, considering how often I’m crashing to the desktop.

Gearbox, you obviously have an issue, fix it! The game crashes more often now than on the previous gen console. The only difference is it’s faster to get back into the game. But that’s not real progress, Gearbox.


Good luck with that request. They couldn’t be bothered to fix the crashing on the last generation consoles for over a year now so wouldn’t hold my breath on this generation either.

Guess it’s still not a big enough issue to be a “Reported Concern”. Nice to see consistency though.


Cyberpunk crashes consoles and CDPR not only acknowledge it but release a patch to fix it two days after the games release. Maybe GBX could learn something from this.


But did it worked?

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Yes, there’s nothing wrong with admitting something is broken. Games and hardware are very complex and we know companies care more about stockholders than employees or consumers.

But acknowledge the issue, then fix it. Ignoring it isn’t the solution. If this year has taught us anything, it should be that.

As it is now, the game crashes pretty much after 6-8 “logins”, whether swapping alts to manage inventory (since this game lacks anything useful) or fast traveling, or just relogging to farm bosses. About the only consistent thing about this game for me, are the crashes.

I couldn’t agree more. I guess we could say that GBX “acknowledged” it with their standard cut and paste answer of “we’re aware of it” and left it at that for over a year now.

We shelved BL3 back in summer time, no game is worth bricking your console over. Either playing single player and getting the hard crash while fast travelling or through multiplayer.

Cyberpunk crashed my console when I first started but after the patch they released over the weekend I haven’t had any issues and I’m enjoying the game. Sure there are other areas that need fixed but at least CDPR are aware of it and last I checked are even making it possible to return the game for a refund. I have a lot more faith in them fixing their game and addressing issues than I ever would for GBX again.

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