Gearbox fixed the celestial fragtrap mod! when did that happen?

thats all to say, just got one from a vendor, it boosts 6 skills and has no additional effect except crit dmg and cooldown, i have a pic but cant find -again-my steam pics.
does someone know in which order they are located?
anyways the skills boosted are crap, so i dont think someone will use this classmod, but to know that they fixed it.

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With the patch that came out on 3/23.

I got one from a Grinder that night.

Finally, eh? :smiley:

EDIT: Fixed.

Shame that it’s still only obtainable from vending machines. :frowning:

Who said it is?

Pics by jhunter922 and rcole_sooner

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How many grinds or dashboarding/alt f4 did you do? I wasted so many purples an have gotten nothing so far. >.>

edit: oops, I see they’re not your pics.

Ooops , fixed my post. I did get mine from the grinder and not the VM. That top pic is one I posted that night. I was happy.

Mine came from the grinder first try that night … but yeah I’ve had many grinds before not give the wanted CM.