Gearbox fourm suggestion

Could find a better place for this but this has bugged me a little and hoped some constructive criticism would be welcomed.

I often find myself using ctrl + f or command + f to search a page. This seems to be hooked which I don’t normally like so I was going to suggest that it be removed and replaced with ‘/’. Now that I’ve played around some it seems that it’s only hooked on discussions where not all of the responses are shown at once and defaults to searching the discussion which seems like a pretty reasonable way of working things but I’ve also noticed that ‘/’ is also hooked to the same thing.

TL;DR, I think ctrl + f should default to searching the current discussion while ‘/’ should default to searching the whole site.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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I think these key bindings may be browser dependent? Both of those pull up the browser’s own page search function in my copy of Firefox (current version, Mac) while only / pulls up the site search box.

Mmm. Hang on a moment…

Yeah, Firefox desktop Mac cmd-F is the browser search and / or ctrl-alt-f are the site search (there being a check box to limit search to the current topic). More keyboard shortcuts can be found in the bottom of the site (hamburger) menu.

Maybe it’s a bit different on Windows, in Chrome, or the mobile version?

Having an option to pre-check the “search discussion” would be nice though, especially since I don’t think the browser page search works on content that hasn’t been loaded yet.

Note that the forums are hosted by, who create all the features of the platform, so this feedback should probably go to them.


Firefox on Windows: if I press CTRL+F and it opens the Discourse find, tapping F again switches to the browser find. Sometimes it opens one: sometimes the other, but I invariably want the browser search, and it’s that simple shortcut away. If I want the Discourse find, I’ll click on the magnifying glass.

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