Gearbox Greatest Nerfs

Here’s a good vid that got me thinking of the Kaoson Yellowcake and Monarch


if we are being honest all the nerfs are reversible in current paradigm outside of fixes. like extra proejctile from lyuda

Pretty much all nerfs pre-Mayhem 2.0 could be reversed with very few exceptions, which I would adjust rather than just reinstall to their original state.

Obviously stuff like the Pipe Bomb is out of the question, but I would go so far as to give the Lyuda its 3rd projectile back and would even try to get all legendary grenades to the power level the Hex had originally, although the Hex itself I would buff far more in damage and keep it’s duration down as it really is a mess to deal with in coop.

My personal number 1 weapon to “de-nerf” would be the Flakker, just like in the video. I still use it to good effect on Fl4k (the irony), but that’s far more for it’s efficiency in proccing Head Count while barely using up ammo and less so for the damage. I would increase it’s damage by at least 40% and slightly decrease it’s reload time, it’s magazine size and ammo consumption should stay as it is though.

I recently tested the Hellwalker and the Redline as it was requested on the forums and while the Hellwalker still works alright with the right setup (not great, but good enough), the Redline, a gun that originally had quite a bit of hype around it for it’s speed, is so absurdly inefficient that even the freshly buffed Ties that Bind can’t really make it good.

What I want to say is that in general I think that there is still a large field of weapons, mostly from the base game, that should be buffed in some way. I know it’s unwise in terms season pass sales, but the average quality of weapons in the base game is far lower than it is in the DLC’s, especially compared to DLC3, which just straight up powercreeps many former top tier guns of the base game. And I think it’s a bad business practice to make players of a single-player game feel inadequate just because they didn’t buy the DLC’s or the Season Pass.


Some of the newer weapons are even just 2.0 versions of base game weapons.

Beacon = Hellshock 2.0
D.N.A. = Cutsman 2.0 (except it’s worse)
Gargoyle = SkekSil 2.0
Hydrafrost = Linoge 2.0
Love Drill = Unforgiven 2.0
Kyb’s Worth = Westergun 2.0
Monarch = Dictator 2.0
Plumage = Ruby’s Wrath 2.0
Reflux = Brainstormer 2.0

…to name a few.

Probably the worst instance of this is Zane’s Seein’ Dead class mod. It is head and shoulders better than any other Zane class mod but can only be gotten and used if you have DLC 1.

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Lets hope all nerfed gear will be back at initial stats once the powercreep ends, so most likely after DLC4.

Both guns act way different, Unforgiven is still one shot pistol with higher base dmg and crit bonus.

Yeah, it’ one of the worst item in the game (design wise). Why VH who is based on kill skills, doesn’t need to kill anything to keep his bonuses is beyond my understanding.

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Pipe Bomb should be number 1.

Pipe Bomb was just broken.


To be frank I don’t expect them to revisit weapons they have already re balanced. Dispite us closing in on the end of the season pass Mayhem mode continues to present constant balancing issues. When they are part way though developing Mayhem mode is can be hard to determine which guns are truly UP of simply fail to compete due to other weapons being overwhelmingly competitive or powerful.

Even being optimistic I don’t think DLC4 will mark the end of it. We can hope but I personally doubt it. If 60 dose turn out to me level cap we GBX still have Mayhem modes fairly sloppy state to deal with. On top of that we have the new round of items coming in DLC4. I imagin this will also come with it’s own set of balancing “challanges” for Gearbox to deal with.

PS the Pipe Bomb was a Meme. That is a Blue item that even post nurf could do more work then majority of the base game legendary grenades :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, people need to stop (non-jokingly) referencing the Pipe Bomb. It’s still bananas.

The Beacon I can see as a Hellshock 2.0, but not quite. It’s based on the same base gun type, but has an additional mechanic, half the projectiles and overall a bit lower DPS, although it still is a good weapon.
Gargoyle and Reflux are elemental reskins and power ups, although the Brainstormer at least still has a niche, while the SkekSil lost it’s glory with Mayhem 2.0 and is just really mediocre now.
The same can’t be said about the Ruby’s Wrath and the Dictator, which are literally powercreeped by newer guns that are the exact same weapons, just with higher damage output.

D.N.A., Hydrafrost and Kyb’s Worth however are completely different from the guns you compared them with. The Love Drill falls on another part of the “speed vs power” equation than the Unforgiven, which makes them feel very different, but both need a buff in my opinion.

I’m not arguing about the fact that many legendaries are reskins of others, but some are closer to their origins than others. And it’s not even bad to have multiple guns that feel similar to each other, if they are all close to each other in power. But sometimes they didn’t even try to hide the fact that they just want to sell us the DLC’s with the new guns.

In regards to Zane I find it funny that Seein’ Dead, while not even needed outside of bossing due to the buffed action skills, is still just that much better than the rest. More than half of Zane’s Class Mods are complete garbage, but then he gets the probably most powerful Class Mod in all of Borderlands. It’s a disaster.

Edit: Did anyone recently try out the Shockerator class mod? I want to know if it’s own Nova has been buffed or if it’s still bad in that regard.

Fl4k is a special case here: They still have 1 class mod in the game’s files which people would absolutely love to use, but for some reason, that class mod that has been there since day 1 it seems, is still unreleased. The average quality of Fl4k coms is good, but then they have stuff like the Rakk Commander, which is basically the most useless class mod ever. It’s strange.

To be fair, Zane really needed it, or something. Without it, his skills actively contradict each other when it comes to ideal playstyle.

If you activate your kill skills by activating an AS, then any skill that extends AS duration will result in fewer Seein Red triggers, and potentially less Anointed weapon activations (particularly ASE anoints, prior to the introduction of anointments that give bonuses ASA).

To say nothing of the fact that kill skills simply don’t work as well on bosses without a ton of adds, and some bosses in this game simply don’t have any, or at least not consistently enough for Zane to keep triggering skills.

Apart from kill skills, what does he have? A clone that until recently was crap (albeit awesome as a gimmick/at low levels), and a shield tree that requires a ton of investment in ho-hum skills to get to a skill cap that doesn’t work half the time, or CCC, which, again, hinders a Seein Red playstyle.

Also his other mods were crap. Infiltrator was good in that it helped a Seein Dead build, and I’ve heard good talk of Executor (though I’m not a fan), but the rest are gimmicks at best.

Seein’ Dead being a dlc item can justifiably be called sucky, but Zane needed something. His skills are very unbalanced without it.

Edit: to show I know what I’m talking about, here is a topic I made discussing it way back when: Seein Dead kinda feels like what Seein Red should've been

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