GEARBOX has done Aurelia wrong

1st i wld like 2 state i love the complete f-outta Aurelia and that gearbox did Aurelia’s character arc the wrong way we do know aurelia is a complete and utter 100% b-2 her brother but NEVER HAS SHE EVER DONE ANYTHING2 KILL HIM n NEVER has her char been the 1 who was so money hungry let me be clear Aurelia is already a rich B so wat justice wld it serve her 2 acquire more money lets be real SHE WAS A F-VAULT HUNTER 4 CHRIST SAKES if she wanted the jakobs estate she cld’ve took it long ago but no she has a business of her own she’s both financially independent/wealthy at the sametime never once has aurelia once in pre-sequel stated she wanted the jakob business never so the fact in bl3 they make her so bloodthirsty 4 money dat she’d sell over both hammerlock/vault hunter is completely and utterly stupid 4 reasons I’ve alrdy explained not2 mention think about it aurelia revolves around hammerlock if he ever died she wldnt even know wat 2 do with herself anymore check n mate oh i almost she also declined handsome jack so she’s definitely a gd person at heart but the fact gearbox said F-U 2 her whole character/dialogue is complete and utter-sh7

i wld like 2 also state aurelia stated in pre-sequel that she does what she does 2 hammerlock not becuz she’s hates him or loathes him but becuz it amuses her aka she alwys gets a kick out of it point blank period


It was pretty egregious what they did to Aurelia. Completely mis-wrote her. It’s as if none of the writers played or cared about The pre-sequel. Especially considering we were supposed to keep all the VHs alive for some war that was set up by the writers then forgottened


The title had me interested, but trying to read the OP hurts my head…


B3 killed way too many characters poorly and for unclear/silly reasons.

I miss the plotting and writing from B2. I had been really hoping…


TPS was made by a different studio.

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Never played the pre sequel because I heard it was rather meh compared to other borderlands games. How was she written wrong though exactly? Now im curious…

She worked for Handsome Jack, so it appears she was always intended to be a sort of villain, if not, at least a morally grey character. And as a greedy person, it makes sense that she would want to capitalize on the opportunity the Calypsos made. And, she even describes how much she’d love to have her own cult worshipping her. That seems pretty inline with her character.


Variks, get on the comms! What did he say?

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I’m glad Athena was left out of this game if that’s how they are going to treat the TPS characters.


how dare they choose what their own characters do/act/die. they have no right whatsoever to do as they please.

Aurelia a complete b? its as if shes always been like this and would do anything for cash, no matter who stands in her way. no way is she like that, she is a saint.

But Anthony Burch was heavily involved in the writing of TPS.

By the end of TPS she was clearly turned off by a lot of Jack’s antics (airlocking a bunch of scientists who’d just saved Helios because one of them might be a traitor) and wasn’t as alienated/loathing of her brother as made out in her cut-scene before the fight in BL3.


basically aurelia is the sister of hammerlock more so the person who generally all his life has f-him over left and right alwys messing with him but nvr 2 kill him she’s also super rich and rather a good person who was recently a dlc vault hunter in pre-sequel and towards the end of the game turned THE handsome jack 2 be evil predominately making her gd person at heart despite how cold hearted she is in general

she maybe no saint but if u paid attention 2 not only wat i said but the pre sequel game in general u can tell she’s alrdy filthy rich so therefore she has no need 2be blood thirsty for more money in general everything Aurelia does in bl3 is hypocritical compared 2 her char type in bl presequel not 2 mention its common sense dat if she killed hammerlock she wldnt be able 2 mess with him anymore since she does completely revolve around hammerlock

Her logic is probably,“why settle for filthy rich when you can be dirty, stinking, filthy rich?”

not 2 fast aurelia is a vault hunter meaning she’s a gd person not 2 mention towards the end of pre sequel she was highly turned off by jack declining 2 be evil becuz she’s not evil just col hearted and while yes she is greedy that doesnt make her evil that’s why its so important 2 pay attention 2 what type of char she was in pre-sequel not mention everbody knows aurelia loves f-around with hammerlock but not 2 kill him and if he ever died aurelia wld be lost without him becuz that’s what she does

BLTPS was cool, unfortunately it didn’t get as much DLC love as BL2 and BL1 after the studio was shut down, which also especially made some season pass buyers very angry. But still interesting that the idea for the cryo mechanic & ground slamming attacks we have now came from that same studio.

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no she’s already rich she’s not a char who desires money in a blood thirsty manner meaning they did a complete 180 on her char archtype she’s not a villain just a btch

Hold up. What makes a vault hunter a good person? They’re glory seeking treasure hunters. They’ve killed endless lives just for some guns and cash. I don’t think they wanted us perceive her as a good character. We played TPS knowing each character was either going to die because of their work for Handsome Jack, almost be killed for it, or be Claptrap. TPS player characters were meant to become villains, except for Claptrap, again. I agree there are some inconsistencies here, but her death finished off all of the TPS characters, except for Claptrap, again, and presumably Timothy, as there’s a strong argument that it wasn’t him in BL2 that we killed.


I don’t know if you can necessarily tell Gearbox what the character they made is supposed to be like…

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yes i can becuz her bl3 arch type is a 180 based off of her current alrdy made arch type in bl Presequel oh n ppl do it alllll the time n ima tell it like it is