GEARBOX has done Aurelia wrong

Hey, I’ve killed her, like, 10 times now. So I think she’s pretty dead now…

Kind of pointless to argue about her death now since she really played such a minor role. Really, it’s just tying up loose ends.

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No. I don’t think that VH=good person.

Protagonist, yes, but that’s not necessarily the same thing.

I haven’t finished TPS, mostly because I’m disliking that all the options for characters are kind of jerky. Clappy would be okay, but in my head he is …“himself” and I just can’t play a character that is not me (in some way) yeah, that sounded way better in my head.

Anyway, chose Aurelia in TPS as the “least offensive of the offensive” options, but she is difficult to play because she is so full of herself in an unkind way. I add the latter, because I also think Amara is full of herself, but she also seems to have a sense of humor and a kindness that was lacking in Aurelia.

That being said, I think it’s foolish to kill off characters in general. Unless there is a darn good reason - and in terms of plot/energy/emotional investment in the story, I will say that the two deaths in B2 really did “pull me in”.

The deaths in B3 and the aftermaths … just kind a peeve me off.


first of all every vault hunter excluding clap trap/aurelia/jack dupe guy/athena refused 2 be evil so claiming tps vault hunters r meant 2 be evil is a no no also vault hunters by definition of playable chars . r ALWYS AND I SAY ALWYS (GOOD) PPL IN GENERAL no matter what they’re background is or motivation for being a vault hunter they are good ppl and last but not least what made willhelm and nisha evil was the writers having them 100% choose 2 follow jack after the end of the game not oh they’re evil right off the back that’s wat made them turn 2 the darkside that’s why it’s so important 2 play and or look at video footage of the games story so u can know your lore

actually it does kinda mean they’re gd cause vault hunters missions alwys revolve around killing bad guys not good guys bad guys yes aurelia is a bitch but she’s necer been so btchy as 2 try2 kill her brother let alone take over some1 else’s business when she has her own not mention jack was a HUGE turn off 4 her so much that at the end of the story she refused to follow jack thus cough cough making her gd yes again shes a bitch yes shes cold hearted but she’s not evil

im just saying thats all

Protagonist is a good person? Highly depends on who controls the puppet! :smiling_imp:

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Alright, so we’ll add this to the list of other issues there are in the story, under Maya’s quick and untimely demise, and Ava’s apparent total lack of any leadership experience.

I’m sorry one of your favorite characters died. Maybe she’ll pull a Traunt/Haunt thing. Or be Claptrapped in the next Roborevolution!

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Yes, but he left Gearbox in 2015 so he might not have done much for BL3 before he left. Plus being heavily involved in something doesn’t mean he was the only person doing it.

I mean, there’s got to be SOMETHING to be said for consistency. I don’t think the Aurelia thing is quite as egregious as some of the other stuff in Borderlands 3 (seriously why does nobody talk about Typhon completely and nonsensically retconning the lore of the Vaults) but Aurelia players can add it to the pile, I guess.

I agree, I wish they approached the game’s campaign differently. It isn’t as faithful as it should have been, and I hope the DLCs do some justice for the game, but that’s a different problem.


Writers lose credibility when they can’t even follow the canon history of the universe they are writing in. Especially if they credited that universe. This game is no different


They completely disregarded all of her development throughout the pre-sequel just to have an easy mini boss that calls you whore a lot. It’s tragic.


I will say that I suspect that the voice actress had a heck of a lot of fun doing these lines. I can just picture her totally cracking up after some of the “whore” lines.

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Aurelia was an awesome and at times funny character. Her treatment and fate in BL3 felt awful. Another great character wasted.


Seems to me she was on the path to redemption as the Pre-Sequel progressed, but I don’t think she ever quite made it (Axton had finally caught up with her and didn’t have pleasant things to say about her), and then the Calypsos showed up a couple years later and that tipped her back fully to the dark side, and she paid the price.


…Fully agree. She’s my fav in Pre-Sql

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This is pretty common knowledge. While TPS was done by a different studio it was still published by 2k and was still a Borderlands entry.

Being developed in a different location shouldn’t be reason for a massive story disconnect between the last Borderlands entry and now.

Everyone that I’ve talked to that has followed the story even remotely was kinda shocked at how the storyline that ran all the way through BL2/TPS/Tales with full continuity was suddenly abandoned.

Yeah, new writer. Also common knowledge. Still doesn’t change the fact.


Please for the love of god edit your post for a 3rd time and add punctuation. I can’t read it otherwise and I’d like to.


Aurelia was always a murderous bitch who enjoyed tormenting her brother even in the Pre-Sequel. Not sure where people got the idea that she was a good person.


Did you actually play through the entire pre-sequel + claptrap DLC as Aurelia? She isn’t a good person sure but she isn’t a caricature of evil by the end that they made her in BL3 either. It’s especially annoying because I remember in a trailer her, Alistair and Wainwright were all talking together as friends.