Gearbox has done concept work for new Duke Nukem

Posted on IGN from Randy’s keynote at Develop: Brighton. Randy shares that Gearbox have done some concept work on the next Duke Nukem title…

[quote]"We’ve done some concept development [for a new game] and I think the
challenges are there. Gearbox is very busy. I think the faster way is
that a correct developer can become interested and we can work with

While I would much rather Gearbox develop it themselves, to avoid another misstep like A:CM.
If they do want to bring in an outside studio to develop the game… personally, there’s only one option.

Flying Wild Hog

They are the only studio that can do it. After what they did with Shadow Warrior, they are the only ones I want working on older IPs.

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It’s good to hear the Duke hasn’t been abandoned. I won’t worry about it until I have reason too.

1)The best team that can create this game is EPIC GAMES they are busy now by creating their new UNREAL TOURNAMENT (unreal engine 4 i sink/ the best choise)
2)The second choise is Flying Wild Hoq they creating SHADOW WARIOR 2 now (COOL)
3)The third- People Can Fly team(the EPICS again but they not busy now) in 2011 they created the BULLETSTORM/ the game was AWESOME but failed because some projects wiht big name (DUKE NUKEM FOREVER)/or the big team ID SOFTWARE that in 2011 gave us the RAGE
(THE BOTH THIS GAME WAS FAILED) took our attention!!
4)The last choise is - INTERCEPTOR INTERTAINMENT (they bought 3D REALMS)
GEARBOX and INTERCEPTOR нad the story about Duke Nukem Reloaded, and Duke nukem Mass Destruction(which was transformed into the Bomshell) They wanted to create oldscool game about Duke!!And they can do that after they finish their Bombshell( it will be released in August) and then they are free)))

Duke Nukem forever is the bomb I enjoyed almost every minute of it looking forward to the sequel.
It will sell like crazy just because it’s Duke Nukem :rage:


Hail to the king, baby. It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t have a Duke game in the works to speculate about.

Always bet on Duuuuuke


Discussing this with some friends, and I recently started replaying a certain game.
It made me think… if Flying Wild Hog couldn’t do Duke Nukem 5. There’s only one other studio I could see being worthy.

The studio that birthed FWH… People Can Fly.
I’m currently replaying BulletStorm. And god, I love this game so much. And, now that PCF are back to being an independent studio, no longer owned by Epic… they are available for work.

I think PCF could deliver a great Duke experience. They’ve shown with Painkiller and BulletStorm that they can truly deliver on a strong action ride. And, with BulletStorm they’ve shown they can offer a childishly funny and immature tone, while managing a really solid story that actually has some great character interaction in it.

That combined with the absolutely gorgeous use of the Unreal Engine, solid gunplay and combat… and nice level variety. These two studios get my vote. And only these two.

Flying Wild Hog
People Can Fly

That’s it.

I agree, although I wonder what the community’s reaction would be if they announced they outsourced the development to Interceptor.

Well, I agree that People can Fly and Flying Wild Hog would be great teams to make a new Duke. They know how to make games that have old-school charm but are modern enough to be succesful.
But there are some other studios that have the talent:

  • Machine Games
  • Raven Software (what’s left of them?)
  • Human Head Studios
  • Interceptor will most likely not happen. They had too much trouble with Gearbox, and though the lawsuit about Duke Nukem Survivor has been settled, I doubt that it was a friendly agreement with the perspective of future collaboration.
    Plus Interceptor is the smallest of them and they’d need a serious upgrade of budget/ development team to handle a AAA game with the highest imaginable fan expectations.

Raven only does Call of Duty now, so I don’t think there’s much talent left.
Machine Games said they are only working with id tech engines, and gearbox is working on their modified unreal engine 3, so…I guess no?

MachineGames is also owned by ZeniMax/Bethesda. So, the chance of them working on an IP owned by another studio, with publishing contracts to another publisher pretty much knocks them out.

Same with Raven. They are owned by Activision, and Activision has all but killed Raven. Burning them down to nothing but a Call of Duty DLC and map pack factory.
Refusing to allow Raven to even work on projects of their own, like their originally planned Singularity 2 and other ideas.

Human Head would be one I would love to see get some attention.
PREY was awesome, and what they were doing with PREY 2 looked amazing. At least until Bethesda pulled some crap and tried to force HH.
Cutting funding for the game, and not allowing HH to continue work unless HH allowed ZeniMax to purchase the studio. As sad as I am that PREY 2 is dead, I’ve got tons of respect for HH for holding true to themselves and not caving.

And really, as far as Interceptor goes… I wasn’t a fan of what they did with RotT. And given all the drama (pre DNF release and post DNF release) between the Duke name and 3DR. I think this time around, it would be better to move Duke forward without the 3DR brand being tied in.

What are the chances a really talented company (like those mentioned) will be willing to work on a franchise owned by Gearbox? I’d rather wait till Gearbox’s plate is clear and they’re able to do it themselves than see a new game get pushed out too early.

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I SO hope that Flying Wild Hog isnt going to be doing a Duke game.
I would rather have Interceptor do it.
FWH is a console dev studio, with their heads so far up a consoles port, they could be the cpu.
Interceptor, on the other hand, is really an old school, fast paced, pc oriented studio.
I would rather have the pc oriented studio make a new Duke, rather than a slow console studio making it.
Oh, and I really liked the ROTT remake.
Also, old school, like Duke should be.
But, I think you are right, and they left on bad terms, so probably wont happen.

My second wish would be yours:
People Can Fly
They would be a great studio to work on a new Duke.

Pitchford would have to stay out of it though, with his 12 year old potty humor (and Interceptor also, with their over the top teen attitudes).
Duke needs more ‘mature, sublime humor’, not ‘in-your-face ahole mother f*er, suck my d***, write with poop on the walls, pee in the toilet and make stupid comments’ type stuff, if you know what I mean.

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Without dragging this into a console war of any kind, could you clarify how Flying Wild Hog are a “console dev studio”?

As a studio, they’ve released three games (four if you count the Hard Reset add on as it’s own title).
All released as PC titles.
Then, Hard Rest and Shadow Warrior were both ported to consoles.

They are now working on Shadow Warrior 2, with primary development happening on PC… and it then being ported to PS4. Even stating, dialing the game down to play smoothly on PS4.

I mean no offense, but just trying to understand why you feel FWH are a consoled orientated studio, when from the beginning PC has been their primary focus. And only due to Devolver Digital’s assistance, have they branched into the console territory.

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