Gearbox has yet to learn! (Major issue)

SO MANY LEGENDARIES and UNIQUES that 50 slots in the Bank are NO WHERE NEAR ENOUGH. After 4 games you’d think they’d learn that people want to collect but are severely limited
COME ON GEARBOX! Bump our storage!


50 is about the number I’m reaching in Class Mods alone.
I’m THIS close to having a panic attack once I finish getting rid of things that aren’t “that important to me” to make room for things that are.

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I’m enjoying the game, but this is one of my biggest complaints. With each game, character inventory and bank slots keep getting smaller. I get that they’re trying to encourage people to play the game more by making alts, but not like this…


i dont get why they are so scared to up the storage in this game. even at 200 it still wouldnt fill the need of the min maxers, it would for the collectors like myself, id have ONE of everything and just be happy with it.

at 200 slots even the min maxers would have to decide what guns to not min max, because youll want mods to roll just right for a few different builds down the same tree,(assuming they do fix the glaring problems some trees have)


I have legit quit playing the game already due to the fact that I can’t collect any more legendaries.

I have no reason to play other characters and experiment due to not being able to actually store anything cool I find on that char, or customize their loadout as I want besides Inventory space.

theres NOTHING to do at endgame besides collect legendaries… and you can’t do that. The story isn’t enough to make me want to play a new char or anything.


I think one of the benefits to a non shared bank in 2 and the tps is each character has their own storage space. I’m not saying this is the case, but there might be a data restriction that can be dedicated to the shared space that prohibits it from being expanded past a certain point. 50 slots does seem kind of low even in that scenario.

Also doesn’t help that storage is shared for all your characters. They should have kept the smaller locker to transfer loot or better yet mail loot to yourself

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Nope cause people with gibbed used it to expand their banks and backpacks to hundreds. They could definitely use more slots for weapons in the backpack and banks.

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I feel like at this point we just need someone to make a mod for this or figure it out.

This situation is ridiculous. I spend SO much time at vendors unhappily and frustratingly deciding which items I have to sell, sometimes without ever having used them. This game throws so much gear at you it’s impossible to try out most things AND progress the story and side quests and challenges, all in the limited timeframes most of us have. I finally beat the campaign and am now slowly doing side quests and exploring areas I didn’t complete earlier, and everywhere I go are piles of rares & epics I can’t pick up and my lost loot is always full. Inventory management definitely worsened with this iteration. I’d pull out my hair if I had much left!

Sigh. In my best Hammerlock voice: “My apologies, vault hunters!”. Rant over.

I had the same same feeling until today, when the game decided to help me out by simply deleting my whole bank inventory…

It’s pretty easy to handle on Xbox if not ideal. You can share gold and you can log in when and where you want with a 2nd player. Just mule it up. I refuse to let good loot just go to waste, i’ll take the couple of minutes of extra menu lag and signing in to keep/collect loot.

I got a relic mule, class mod mule, and 2 weapons mules. Only way to deal with it. Especially with it being nerf city. Meta is constantly changing. Need the mules to have options with new builds.

Surprised mods havent started locking the 9 million storage threads on the forum.

Diablo 3 has hundreds of slots to store gear. 50 is a joke.

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It didn’t at first. I think we had a total of 4 possible pages in Diablo 3 when it launched.

As it stands now if we don’t get a boost to bank space or mention of it in a sort of timeline from them I’m going to start making mules as well and use the bank specifically like the 4 slot stash from BL2 and TPS.

Now to be fair. I do expect them to resolve the issue people have reported with the bank getting deleted before going on to raise the limit.

The other issues I have are menu lag on inventory and bank which I still feel is caused by this mini card grid display they’re using over the list view we had in previous titles. I wouldn’t mind an option to set inventory back to classic. The other is the price tag number scrolling which goes far slower than I would want it to.

That depends on how you played. Console players always had a 350 item limit where as PC players had to Tetris shazz in tabs.

Three 70 tile tabs at launch, then expanded afterward, with up to 13 now I think.

PC players always had more “storage” space in the stash in general as it was limited on consoles but it also depends on what your storing.

Technically, if you stored 350 weapons or armor or would be like 700 tiles or 10 tabs.

My issue is that I don’t know what to toss or keep because things keep getting buffed/nerfed. I tossed a bunch of Lyudas because… other stuff was better? They get buffed two days later. If I had more space I wouldn’t have to make choices like that. I don’t want to refarm them. I can’t really focus on getting them (I did the quest already) so… I just don’t like to think about the fact that I threw away a really good non-elemental. Maybe developers don’t consider that if enough small letdowns happen in a short span it can kinda kill your drive to play.

I really do not get how you can advertise ‘billions of guns’ for multiple games in the franchise and overlook storage space. Isn’t inventory handled locally? Why do we need to be limited to 40 bank slots… for all of our characters?

Maybe it’s intentional? If you constantly need to toss things to make room… you need to refarm some of it eventually? I really hope it isn’t something like this lol

I was referring to vanilla launch on PC. Yeah I got it back then. Though I didn’t have nearly all the issues others did. I recall most of loudest complaints being about connectivity though and I’ve generally always had solid stable internet connections.

I guess they can’t up the storage space, the inventory already lags and bugs out especially if you have a lot of items on your char. It seems just badly coded.