Gearbox, hear this

Scrap all production on Wonderlands, and add more content to BL3, like some headhunters and a 2nd Arms Race map, guns and a side story to make up for WL

I know they wont, but that would be sweet


I would enjoy any BL3 additions but perticulary the arms race mode. I do think we could see something like the Lilith dlc from BL2 to bridge us from 3 to 4.


And they’ll only be doing that to drum up preorders/season pass sales for BL4, so they can cash out and just leave it dead in the water, like 3 and WL.


Personally I don’t need ANY additional content…just fix the d@mn game so it will run properly.

Console performance
Split Screen Co-Op
UI / Text size

You know those things that made people play the games in the first place and enjoy them for years after their release.


I am one of those people who disagree due to having the BL3 experience ruined for me because I played the story more than once.

After watching Shadowevil’s most recent update they mentioned that objects in BL3 and Wonderlands are interchangeable, so maybe somewhere down the line they may release DLC that bridges those two games, so you could play it on either game and experience it with your characters and play styles in both games or just one. If it’s good enough content, people would be willing to pay for it twice since people play the games as much for the action as they do the role-playing element.


Scrapping production on TTWL would spell the end of Gearbox. Whether they want to admit it or not, Gearbox has become lazy and greedy just like the gaming industry as a whole. Like it or not, though, they’ve created a product with financial commitments which they’re required to keep. If they scrap all work on their latest title, they will lose every single player that put money into the title, and they will have no momentum whatsoever for future installments.

Look at what happened with Bethesda and Fallout 76. Promises made, none of them kept, and the company took a massive hit to their player base. And they still haven’t recovered. Lost my business, that’s for sure. Gearbox is on track to do the same if they don’t shape up.


Something like that and chose to ignore the customers that got them to where they are now and focus on what the latest streamer is saying about their product. As you said though it’s just not Gearbox.


Already there.


Even their streamers are bailing on TTWL, tho!
Gearbox cannot handle criticism, and while I don’t know Randy Pitchford personally, I think (based on his countless publicity suicide attempts) it’s pretty evident where that blindness filters down from.

On a side note, I’m not even sure why people listen to the streamers. Most of their “builds” are little more than glitch exploits that were never intended to be a part of the game. Back in my day, we didn’t call those people streamers, and they certainly weren’t celebrated for generating sales: we called them game testers, and when they found glitches, they were corrected before they could become public.

Just sayin.


I agree that it starts from the top and goes downhill. Do I think there is people there that care, sure of course I do but those above make the final call.

I don’t get the streamer culture but that is probably just me being the old man on the porch yelling at the clouds. Just can’t understand why someone would just want to watch someone play a game. Maybe to get past a level or something along those lines but that is about it.

As for BL3, clearly one can see the issues with the game and can tell it certainly was passed in a poor state and I hold Gearbox accountable for that because there are issues that are clearly obvious, not saying number stats on a gun is nothing but when you can’t even read text in split screen, I mean come on. However with that said I certainly don’t just hold them solely accountable because Microsoft and Sony both approved the game to be released on their consoles in the state they were in so fault is there as well.


For anyone else here old enough to have gone to a physical arcade to watch someone else play Dragon’s Lair or Space Ace, a 2D or 3D fighter, or a game like Stun Runner or Afterburner, or any of the rail shooters, Streaming is basically the modern equivalent of an Arcade experience besides going to an actual gaming tournament or e-sports event in person.

The means has changed, but the impulse to see someone play a cool game and interact around it goes back to Pinball machines. We’re talking Tommy by the Who even.


I really dont get the hype and fascination for ‘streamers’. I will get tips here and there from a few but I cant just sit there and watch people play for extended times. Especially new games bc it just spoils it, I dont get it


It might be a generational thing? No idea, but I don’t understand either. Good on them for finding a way to make money while playing video games, but 9 time out of 10, the Borderlands streamers are just glorified game testers who make their money on exploiting glitches and bugs while calling it a “build.”

I picked up a couple tips back when BL3 first came out, but I don’t bother checking in anymore (except to see how many have bailed on TTWL). XD


I coming to the conclusion that Wonderlands was always intended as a small project….

A mega DLC that turned into a full game out of some creativity and “why not make some quick money out of this”

I don’t think it was ever planned to be as big in scope as another Borderlands title.

The game is great…It’s fun, it’s creative and it can last you a couple months…well worth the $60 so I don’t feel “ripped off” at all.

But the DLCs have no creativity or staying power and the end game…that is excellent at first….very quickly bores you to tears.

Unless they are planning some massive additions to attract Steam new customers.

I’m simply going to play it for what it is…a quick wonderful little game. And move on.


Maybe it started as a “small” project, and maybe it didn’t. All I know is what Gearbox has stated at the end of the game: that it was a project put together during the pandemic when most businesses were shut down, and it was something they wanted to do, since Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep was so well received.

Whether they meant for it be a full-scale game or not, it only serves as further evidence (to me, anyway), that Gearbox had no real plan going into TTWL, and it was released prematurely. The endgame content that (so far) comprises the Season Pass brings less to the table than any of the free raids in BL3.

Charging $10 each for a product that normally wouldn’t go for more than $2.99 just shows how much Gearbox’s priorities have changed since BL2 when they were more focused on creating quality content. If you make something tested, polished, and brilliant, the money will flow freely. Make something as rubbish as Coiled Captors or Glutton’s Gamble, though, and you can’t be surprised when people are like, “Wtf Gearbox?”

I’m on TTWL right now, my friend, but every minute I’m there, I wonder if the next will be my last. ):


I was born right at 1980, i know what you mean haha. The arcades were so much more pure. Nice little arcade run with some friends then catching an afternoon flick after, followed by some good options in the food court…man good times. 80s and 90s were a true golden age of entertainment

I know I went off subject lol


I enjoyed the game the first few weeks, mainly bc it was new and I thought there was so much more to come and add in…and it just fell off a cliff in terms of replay value. I started a 5th character run (2nd Flak but just rad gamma burst/rakk and no fade away this time) on BL3 and even after alllll the hours I put in before its still more enjoyable than WL


Yeah, even doing a speed run for my 4th character had me loathing the experience. TTWL as it currently stands is easily the worst Borderlands installment to date. I’m not sure why Gearbox felt the need to overhaul a [looting] system that has clearly been keeping gamers happily entertained (and, consequently, shareholders wealthy) for years, but if that’s how they want to do things, I think it’s pretty safe to say that the Borderlands series is on its way out.

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And in the case of TTWL even most of the streamers have abandoned the game. Especially the high profile ones have gone back to BL2 and BL3 content.