Gearbox: Here's an idea for better inventory management

Lists. Instead of giant icons, allow us to switch our inventory to a list.

This is the current way you’re showing us our inventory

This is the way I would love to see it

See how much simpler and shorter it is? When we hover over an item it could still show the pop-up icon with all the stats.
By doing this, the throbbing effect of the gear when highlighting them could be done away with, and the menu lag would probably drop considerably.
And best of all, sorting through our inventory would be 80x easier. It takes so long right now to scroll through everything and compare weapons.


Filters need work as well. What exactly does sort by type do? Randomize as far as I can tell. Also additional filters would be nice. Filtering by manufacturer works great for guns and shields. I would like a sort by element for grenades and for the sort by type to follow base names.

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Sort by type means by pistol, ar, smg etc and all those are filtered from highest item score down. It’s personally how I prefer to sort my inventory actually. It doesn’t for some reason work in the bank tho, which is quite silly and clearly an oversight the devs never even bothered to test before launch…

would like to see an option to lock my favorite items to prevent accidentally sell or dump them.

You can same way you junk things. For me on XB1, LS button cycles the favorite star (unsellable), junk and untagged tags.

A “Details” list where I can sort by raw damage, damage per second, or elemental attributes would be really nice too. I have several of the same gun with different attributes, it’d be nice to have an easier way to find the one I want.


Ya, the sorting still needs tons of work too. I don’t feel like it can really be that hard to create a better inventory mgmt system. It just feels like they didn’t really try here…