Gearbox, how have DLC sales been?

So I’m a long time fan of borderlands. I have bought every game on release day, and usually bought all the DLC as well. Except with Borderlands 3.

The reason I havent bought any DLC for BL3 is that I have yet to see anything compelling in the DLC to date. It got me thinking about why I dont care about DLC this time…and it occurred to me that every time I have purchased it in the past, it’s because a new character was Introduced, so I would buy the new character, then get the DLCs for new content to play with. Without the new character releases…I just dont care to revisit the game.

I know before release yall stated that new character DLC doesnt perform as well as content DLC and so, you didnt plan on releasing any more characters. So, I thought I’d share my personal experience with it…just in case your DLC numbers with BL3 have been underperforming. Perhaps if that is the case, you should consider a new character DLC, and see if it improves the sales.

Thanks for reading. Hope you reconsider your stance on new characters.


He’s talking about new playable characters.

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Personally, I’d rate the DLC for this game pretty highly. Better than most of the BL2 DLC.


DLCs are pretty good with quite abit of content especially in these days and age $10 buys you horse armor from Bethesda’s lootbox crate.

What more do you ask for?

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What more do I ask for? New playable characters :slight_smile:

Hey if everyone is happy with the DLC and their sales numbers are where they want them to be…that cool. I understand that not everyone is going to share my opinion on this, and if I’m in the minority so be it.

I just thought I’d make a post about it since I recently read an article on the next DLC, and it still didnt interest me. Maybe some day I’ll revisit the game despite the lack of new characters… but right now I am not interested in returning just for more loot drops.

Well a quick Google seems to report from several sources that BL3 is approaching 8 million sales worldwide and that the DLC’s have been well recieved.

You can always ask for new VH’s in a future DLC directly but Gearbox have already stated that is not part of the plan to date.

I have taken one class through the entire post release support… Finished main story in True mode, completed Trials & Slaughter while the side quests remain majority incomplete (get tired of power creeping and tweaking? Go on quest, theres a ton of them) and purchased DLC as it was released. Currently traversing Negul Nashai.

My point here is the incredible longevity, it has been a long time since I have seen the Calypso twins (5 months)…

In regards to the desire for another class or even the success of Borderlands sales all I got to say is;

This is one of the best 6 month journeys I have ever undertaken in the world of games, we are on the brink of Mayhem 2.0 with a brand new event for sides and my chosen character class is hot topic…
IMO you’d be mad not to be here for the festivities. Borderlands 3 is the sum of its parts… It used to mean we destroyed the destroyer, a few were even left with a bad taste in their mouths. Then we were employed by our favourite Boss, the big Mox and did her bidding ruthlessly to take a space station by force. Now we’re on the rim world of Xylourgos hunting the mystery behind the colossus known as Gythian.

Borderlands 3 is the sum of its parts and she ain’t finished yet. The game with more to give.

I own Borderlands THC on PlayStation 4. So I know the predecessor very well and with each passing day the Handsome Collection, while still iconic, is getting smeared further and further into the dust. There is no comparison BL 3 is the tits.


The DLC have been amazing. Honestly it’s a shame you’re missing out, but that’s your prerogative.

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The DLC has been fantastic, definitely worth playing. I remain sad Gearbox has not yet created any new characters. Hopefully that can change in the future.

I like the first DLC a lot. It was good seeing Jack and Hyperion again. The 2nd DLC imo isn’t as good, but has some cool weapons and one REALLY good side quest. I want some new VHs as well, hope they reconsider.

Really enjoyed both DLC’s, very well done.

Don’t care about a new playable VH.

Would LOVE a 4th skill tree for existing VH’s <- hopefully that would encourage/enable some build variety.

See you out there fellow VH’s


Both of the DLCs have been more enjoyable and intriguing than the main story.

I will say I am very happy I bought the full package with all DLCs.
They have been very good to date.
A new VH would be nice, but GBX has their reasons for not doing it.

If you have the game, the DLCs are priced well and worth it IMHO.

You are only limiting yourself…

It’s an interesting question.

I seem to recall a similar discussion on here not that long ago where someone had statistics which showed that only a very, very small percentage of players used more than one VH in previous games in the series, and that percentage dropped even further for subsequent additional VHs.

So I guess the answer to your question is that the past has shown that putting money into more VHs doesn’t offer the same returns as creating new content. Which is probably why GBX have taken the decision they have.