Gearbox, I have a very lucrative business idea for you! Please hear me out

I was talking to another player when it dawned on me. An idea so crucial to Borderlands 3 I cannot believe I haven’t seen it yet. I’d pay top dollar for this game addition, and it would improve the quality of so many Vault Hunters experience in the play through!

Are you ready??? Cause it’s time to sh*t bricks!!!

Here’s my idea:…

Replace Ava with MR TORGUE Add on!!!


Seriously you’d only need to swap in his voice, and character model. Charge however much and BOOM!!! Millions!!!

I’ll leave my Resume on your desk

Edit: I meant Add-on to the main story…Fails were made


They should put that resumé in the round file.


So you want Mr. Torgue to talk like a annoying kid? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I mean I get where your coming from but I doubt that would improve the DLC or make any sense. If anything I think they should pair/share the Ava DLC with Krieg.

Yeah, not sure about the Mr. Torgue thing, but DLC should focus on those who Gearbox decided were not worthy. Come on. Krieg gets nothing more than some cameos in echo tapes. Gaige is nowhere to be seen. Now dont get me wrong, I loved the game as a whole. But did we really need Torgue screaming in every circle of slaughter. Moxxi, in her late 60’s-early 70’s, making passes at every man, woman, and appliance(zer0 and Fl4k), or Tina reminding everyone every 5 seconds she is a lesbian yet again? Vaughn and Rhys were great additions, and my boy Timothy got to be all schizophrenic in the first DLC. Aurelia was the final wet fart of pre-sequel, but at least we got to murder her this time around. And I intentionally didn’t include Salvador in my Hopes because that midget can burn.

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Torgue on Athenas would be pretty funny.


I meant the main story. It would be hilarious, and every time I run the main play through I would lmao

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Maybe not, but he’s halarious in small to medium doses.
What the **** is a ref?
I want you to blow up… THE OCEAN!
Like Fl4k screaming 'weak, all of you are weak" and Zane exclaiming ‘look at the staaaaate of ya’, it never gets old for me.

“IM GONNA BE A SIREN, AND THEN IM GONNA MOP THE [bleeping] FLOOR WITH AS$HOLES LIKE YOU!!!” - Mr Torgue, right before tragic story events


I just wanna know why/how Maya new the name Nyriad before the player can even translate Eridian language…

I don’t recall that happening… not only is “every 5 seconds” far more than we hear from Tina at all, but I don’t recall such a reminder beyond the incidental reminder of one side quest involving an ex-girlfriend.

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just replace her with a slab of concrete that maya carries around

edit: typo

In Brick’s voice: “Slab, you made me proud!”

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Ok granted Tina wasn’t as in your face as Janey in PS, but still an example of something they could have reduced to make room for more supporting character variety. I’m not critiquing it in the form of what they did, but of what they could have or should do in the future. Marcus’s roll was reduced, and Zed was eliminated except for the recordings on his vending machines. In future DLC I’m hoping for less moxxi, more krieg.