Gearbox, I love YOU!

To put it lightly, I have yet to express my dearest love for you guys as developers, and for the amazing care and nurture you bring, not just to these forums (which I got an email from the bot explaining literally a TON of stuff you can do in this forum atmosphere (INCREDIBLE)) but with the game. I know loads of people like to make comparisons, but this game is one if not my FAVORITE game to play. It has caused me many sleepless nights, and recently cause me unable to find the impetus to turn on and start BLOOD AND WINE on the WITCHER (SHAME ON YOU!!). With exception to all the great humor, laughs, lols, and amazing story, I do have to throw in what needs a little improvement, because you guys are great at listening and using our opinions as fodder for more updates so, here it is. There are a couple: give those DC’ing matches a strict punishment, similiar to Call of Duty League play (like a 10 minute join penalty). That would entice people not to leave and finish a match, because I’ve noticed when people’s maps aren’t picked they tend to leave and strand the other players with the 5 man difficulty upscale when we disconnect 2, and are now left with 3. Similiarly, possibly fix the connection to players on public matches, because it tends to link you with 2 other players most times, and doesn’t wait to connect the other 2, so you’re left with 3 players in game, or sometimes 4 most games, and it just gets crazy when you’re trying to get GOLD medals on all your story missions. That’s really all I can say. PLEASE do not listen to the nerfing comments, because nothing in this game could be further from the truth. The characters seem all balanced to me, and I’m really looking forward to getting the other 4 characters, 5 story missions, and some more EPIC and LEGENDARY loot packages in the future!! I LOVE THIS GAME!! Thank you guys!!