Gearbox, Idea for Borderlands 3

To start, I apologize for my atrocious editting for this post; grammar, spelling, or all those I’m using a messed up controller and just too lazy right now lol. BUTT, idea…

Loadouts, ehh? EEHH?!

Aye. Something for Marcus to sell, like a new addition to possibly incorporate into some new enemies and bosses even… Maybe a device like shields, echo-thingies, or class mods, that upgrades like an SDU? Butt, instead of costing money, maybe eridium?

I was thinking, after I started playing for like 2 minutes, and thought of respecing my Moze for probably the 100th ti- okay, like 50th or so… Either way, I have too many builds in mind, too many items, and not enough characters, nor do I want to make like 6 different Mozes, probably over 10 Sirens, don’t even get started on Flak. Gaige was bad enough… I got bored. I love summoner-esque characters. Shoulda seen my lvl 100 Necromancer on Diablo II. Enigma.:heart:

Anyway, if you take my idea or incorporate it in the game your way, personally I don’ care. Just wanna help make it better with an idea that came to mind a bit ago, and as one gamer to another, Loadouts, 'nuff said.
How I have in mind, as shortest and sweetest as possible if you can’t tell how detailed and time consuming my post can be:
1. Quest from Marcus, new upgradable gear piece similar to echo-thingy, or maybe just an upgrade to the echo-thingy to avoid modelling a whole new device and such.
2. I was thinking up to five, each upgrade costing substantially more than the last for below reasons, preferably eridium… Maybe incorporate it via Guardians instead of Marcus, eh? There’s a new part to the idea.
3. Farming? Yellowcake-walk. Money? Pfft. I wish the Lending Hand did damage based on current money, just to run naked through Mayhem 10 in the Blacksite, unspec’d, just to see how far I can get…
4. What value does eridium have? Borderlands 2 made it more worth gathering, least tilll you buy all of Earl’s upgrades. Let’s at least match it, huh?
5. When you respec, you can save your current one or not, up to 5 at max upgrade, and switch them on the fly, with a fair cooldown, say 5-10 minutes? Nothing drastic, as we have more numbers.
6. See? I was thinking by incorporating a cooldown it would make it not so overpowered and unbalanced, but also open to more things, like annointments that reduce the cooldown, or maybe abilities, or just another eridium eating cost/upgrade.
7. Lucky number! You can see each loadout via New-U in Sanctuary, and name each one for easier identification, along with edit the equipped gear for each loadout. Yup, you heard that… BUTT WAIT, THERE’S MORE.
8. The catch. You have to have the gear in your inventory. By doing so, maybe increasing backpack limit, and also bank, as maybe as another upgrade, you can enable the ability to use items from the safe? I don’t know on this one. Personally, when it comes to storage space, specially for this game, they can both go up. Maybe 100 to 150 for the backpack, and 1000 to 1500 in the safe. Also, the weapon plaque wall thing…
9. Too much empty space, need more slots. I want to see a wall of guns and gear, maybe incorporate this for the loadouts? I can see 3 seperate full builds hanging on that wall for every character’s room. Maybe just 3 loadouts? Eh? EEHH?!

Anyway, that’s my idea. My attention span isn’t sticking around now… My apologies. I’m gona continue playing now. Thank you for the game and all the work put into it, cheers, and I hope this game never dies. And the movie? Can’t wait!:star_struck: