Gearbox is actually listening

I thought I would link this since it seems to be a nice little summary of some of the things they’re planning.


A bit of good news. Good news is to be expected.

I’ll see how good this revelation actually is until it hits the scene in full force. Until then, I’ll remain cautious. Nonetheless, at least the community can breathe a little easier after this.

Great article, thanks for posting!

Love to see GBX communicating.

Sad to see little or nothing for PVE.
Yes, new characters help, until they get nerfed.
This makes them less fun.
And so the player base dwindles.

THIS seemed a little more promising with

“Things I can talk about: New content. The Operations Missions ARE on their way. I think they’re pretty cool, and will give a new way to experience cooperative play and earn rewards. People who like our characters and story will get a pretty big dose of that. Players who like challenges, titles and loot will get that too.”

Perhaps this will help.

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Super excited for all this. Thanks for posting.

Oddly, the things that got me the most excited were the parts where they’re making a better tutorial and matchmaking new players with each other separately from everyone else.


Ranged still beats everything melee, so…

No, they aren’t. The only good melee is the idiots guide to spin to win Rath. But that’s nothing new. If you’re a melee tank tough tities, you will be jammed up.

Why even have melee in the game if they jammed up by range so much?


I don’t understand this complaint. I’ve done fine with Phoebe, El Dragon, Galilea, etc.

People complaining that Galilea isnt good enough? oh god…

Or Boldur? A good Boldur can hold the line from 3+ Battleborn while his four other team members grab thralls, elite bots, shards, and just jump the enemy team in general.

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That’s my case. Boldur is fine and I see a lot of meeles doing great (Galilea, El Dragon, Pendles, Rath…)

Yeah. I think the main problem is that melee characters have a hard time in Overgrowth if the enemy team has a Marquis or Toby harassing them unchecked and the ranged characters on your team won’t take out the mid shock.

But that’s less a problem with melee and more a problem with your team not giving your melee some assistance.