Gearbox is doing great

I am mostly starting this thread to thank Gearbox for such an amazing game, but to also complain about the complainers. I’ve played quite a bit since the open beta came out and have had very few issues with the game. I see a lot of people complaining about character balance, but Gearbox has been diligent about appeasing us. However I haven’t found character balance to be such an issue. Even the god-like Galilea is an easily manageable foe if you play the game right. (If I’m using Phoebe I simply won’t go one v one with her). Anywho, my point here is to thank Gearbox for producing one of my favorite games and to remind the community that noone wants their customers pleased like Gearbox does. (Remember all that extra DLC for BL2)


That’s very thoughtful of you to say that.

All feedback is welcome and the more detailed the better.

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I’ll second this bit:

Very much enjoying what time I get in the game. As for the second bit, what complainers? :wink:


It’s a great game but it’s bad to just ignore flaws more so game breaking ones “complainers” are literally just fans who enjoy the game and want it to be better

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I do agree with that bit and maybe I should have used a better noun. Haters perhaps. I guess there is just a fine line between constructive criticism and being rude.

Flaws aren’t being ignored at all, they are being addressed. Depending on the nature of the flaw and the fix required, it may need a patch rather than a hotbox and patches can take a little time to get out. This was covered recently by Jyrthri (Creative Director):

[QUOTE]Larger patches are for map tweaks, larger changes to characters such as Galilea, fixes for the Marquis Overgrowth sniping problem, etc. The problem with these kind of patches is that they have to go through the Microsoft and Sony certification process, which slows things down considerably. There will not be a large patch this week, but as soon as it is certified, we’ll have it (aiming for next week).[/QUOTE]

paragraph just above edit 1 here:


Like Martok said, problems are being addressed. The game has been out just over a week, and I’m sure changes are coming soon. There are things you can’t catch in development or even a beta, not until players really dig into the meet of your game do you see what stands out the most.

That said, I’m realy enjoying the game, both story mode and versus.

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Agree wholeheartedly @Starrtrain, good post.

Yes the game is awesome. And yes it is true that gearbox likes to please its costumers (gonna ignore the alien fiasco).
However because you are not having issues does not meen that the people who do have them are all whiners.
The game is not well optimized and there are issues on some systems. I for one have A 980TI GTX but am experience horrible stutter issues.
However these problems have now been acknowledged and its been made clear that they are working on them (same for the balancing issues). I would like to say that it was hard to find info on these boards about the fact that these issues were being recognized. I found out about it through reddit. Only later was that thread linked here (by a member not a dev nor a moderator ) .

I little bit more communication from the devs on this forum would have been appreciated. Especially considering that I and others had been reporting these issues on the Beta boards already.

I must say that the Q&A did take most of my worries away. I love this game, that is why I would hate to see it getting abandoned by its player base due to a lack of support. However these concerns seem to be unfounded now.

I apologize for the spelling English is not my primary language

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I came across that post as well and found it very useful. And there are certainly problems that need to be worked out and that will never end. I just felt the need to counter those who are opposite and are unreasonable with their demands. It is exciting to see this game move forward and I’m very optimistic as battleborn is working to become one of my all-time favorite games.

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Couldn’t agree more on that point. Lots of people complaining that the devs aren’t fixing things fast enough who probably never even wrote their own “Hello World” program!


Agreed. These kids wouldn’t have lasted one week in my super nintendo/genesis era.

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Oh, don’t forget Alien : Colonial Marines, Gearbox went all out to please their consumers with that one.

Whilst on one hand I do commend you for thinking to thank the team at gearbox, I personally however can’t help but feel as though I am in turn owed some thanks from Gearbox for paying full price for an incomplete game.

It’s a shame that they have put so much effort into a game and then pulled it out of the oven too soon. Another few weeks in development would have given them chance to smooth off the rough edges, rather than releasing a work in progress.

I would be more compelled to thank them if they had actually considered their consumers above their stakeholders, but then that is not a realistic expectation.

Check out this week’s Battleplan in the news section.


Great information! Thanks for the link!

How is this relevant?

Just a response to a couple of posts above bemoaning how little communication they have seen from the devs. That’s how it’s relevant.

Next time you find a post troublesome, do please flag it, and the mod team will look into it. Thanks.


ACM has nothing to do with BB. ACM was a mess before it got to Gearbox, while BB is their own product start to finish. Of course, this has been said a 1000 times before, but I guess 1001 doesn’t hurt.

Saying the game is incomplete is your opinion, definitely not fact. If you listened to the Jythri Q&A, you will hear him describe BB as a service due to it’s online-only requirement. Meaning that in order for this game to work, they are going to have to continually service the game, and this will be on-going for the life of the game.

Meaning…the game will never truly be ‘finished’, because it has this service aspect to it.

You then mentioned at the end some sort of shot against them saying that they care more about their stakeholders than their consumers because they didn’t delay the game enough for you. However, don’t forget that the game was originally scheduled to release back in February. So…you’re basically flat-out wrong saying that they would not post-pone the game release to ensure a better product for their consumers…because they already did that.

Anyway, in my opinion the game is by far ‘complete’ enough to warrant its price tag. But even better is the fact that GB understands the nature of this type of game and are treating it as a service which will need to be continually enhanced and optimized to help make for the best gaming experience possible.

So…Thank you Gear Box.


I made one of these last week and it didn’t go very far. Glad this one is though :slight_smile:

I also love this game and thank Gearbox for making a true FPS MOBA. Some flaws are being encountered here and there but the important thing is that the game is still in its infancy. People are so quick to be telling the developers what to do and need to appreciate the game for what it’s worth. It is a truly unique experience and i am very happy with the product. I also think it was a great break from Borderlands because even though the game is great, it was getting slightly stale (spent multitudes of hours playing all three releases). I do hope that the game does get patches regarding some of the terrain issues but everything else is solid thus far. Again, thanks Gearbox

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