Gearbox is doing great

The game is honestly great.I’ve already played 30 hrs.Now I’m pacing myself.

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Thank you very much !
This further supports that I was being a little whiny b*tch a little to soon :wink:

Edit :

No mention of the frame drop issues some people are experiencing on pc though. I do however realize that such a post might not be the right place to adres that. On that note this thread is not about that either.

Happens to the best of us.

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I started a “What we like” topic because i felt we needed it with all the complaints. I really hated seeing so much complaining in the first week like calm down! I too really love this game and the effort they put into it :slight_smile:


Ageeed. Just look at the top 10 posts of the general info, campaign, or competitive multi-player and at least half of the posts are either whiny or fix this change this posts. It does get old after a while