Gearbox is looking for Playtesters!

Play Games! Give Feedback! Get Swag!
Gearbox is looking for playtesters in the DFW area to give us feedback on our games while they are in development.

With our Playtesting Program, local gamers can volunteer to come to our User Research Facility and play games – sometimes before they are released! Playtesting participants give our User Research Team valuable feedback so we can work with the developers to make our games better for you – the player!

If you’re not located in the DFW area, we still want your feedback! You can sign up for the User Research Database to receive valuable questionnaires from our team and have a platform to voice your opinions about games that can influence what Gearbox puts out in the future.

To build a profile, answer questions, and receive invitations for playtesting opportunities, you can register here:

Learn more about our playtesting program: