Gearbox is sleeping on Weapon Skins

I posted this on Reddit, so I might as well try posting this here as a feedback and request.

Weapon skins are one of my favorite addictions on Borderlands 3 and I was really hoping the Moxxi’s Heist DLC to add at least one or two new weapon skins, but I ended up being pretty disappointed when I found out this DLC only added a few weapon trinkets (one which was pretty much a copy of the Jack’s Off trinket, with a golden pallete on it). Weapon skins are pretty awesome, so why aren’t we getting new skins for our guns??

I really hope we get a few more weapon skins down the line, through the next DLCs. They don’t need to be animated like the Deep Nebula, which is one of my favorite skins, but I’d love to see more themed weapon skins, like a skin with the color schemes of Hyperion or Torgue weapons, for example.

Either that, or just give us the option to paint our gun as we see fit, like on how we can change our character skin colors.