Gearbox listened(and listens) to their fans - spoilers!

Reminder: spoilers below:


Not only did they make the pre sequel and therefore gave us a way to fight on the moon and helios moon base, they also gave us a way to destroy Helios space station - in a sense. Fighting the claptastic voyage boss in final form is essentially the Helios space station (in claptrap’s mind anyhow). I thought of it as a hilarious nod to the players by gearbox.

Basically, during post Borderlands 2 launch a bunch of players were asking for a moonbase DLC so we could go destroy the Helios space station. We never got that DLC for BL2 but effectively they gave us almost exactly what we clamored for during BL2.

And of course it was fantastic to see how they gave us the ability to go farm more of the bosses/unique enemies in the pre-sequel. Yet another way they listened AND reacted to their fans. Good job guys. You rock.


edit: This quoted below because it reminded me that I wanted to make this thread.

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yeah i was thinking that as well we all did want to blow up helios but did not get to chance to but i can agree with you there :smiley: