Gearbox Logo game crash issue

I bought Battleborn on release and didn’t experience any issues with it whatsoever. However when I came to play it over a week ago, it kept crashing at the Gearbox logo. Every time I try playing the game it shows the Gearbox logo and then freezes, sending me back to the xbox dashboard without any error messages.
I have unistalled and re-installed several times, I’ve resatared the console, cleared the cache and even replaced the game for a brand new copy and it still crashes. I’ve issued two support tickets and both times, after trying the tips they provided to fix the game, I recieved the same answer that “they have been able to collect enough information to notify the development team, and they are currently working towards a solution”.
I feel like I’m being ignored by the support staff or lied to about my game being fixed. Considering I spent a fair amount of money on the game, I’m disappointed that I can’t play something I just spent so much money on.
Is anyone else experiencing this problem? If so, what have Gearbox said about this problem? Also does anyone know if Gearbox are actually developing a fix for this?

Did you try resetting the console? See the last post in this short thread here:

As far as the GBX side of things, all I can say is that the number of players having this issue is a very small fraction of the player base. This means that whatever is causing the problem is some weird set of circumstances, and those things are always very hard to (a) figure out and (b) fix. I know there’s an update in the certification process, but it’s not certain when it will ship (hopefully next week, but no hard dates have been given.)

I’m experiencing the same issue. The support staff at: 2k, gearbox, have tried to pass the buck onto Xbox live. After bringing it up to Xbox live there’s nothing wrong with Xbox one, Xbox live, or any other game that requires both internet access and active Xbox live account. Now my trouble ticket has been “escalated”, but who knows how long that is going to take.

Your best bet is to keep pinging 2k on both Twitter and the 2k support, to make sure your still having the issue.