Gearbox Loot Cancelled Our Merch Order

Has this happened to anyone else? My friend and I both had orders that they cancelled that were placed back on the 26th and they cancelled them on the 28th with no refunds so far. My ticket hasn’t been answered and so far hers wasn’t either. It can’t be just us, two separate orders of people that happen to know each other? Come on.

The only thing I could find was a similar event last year after Black Friday when they cancelled a bunch of peoples entire orders over not having one item in stock, but everything in my cart is in stock according to the site, same with her.

I just wanna know whats going on, her and I both spent over 100$ on BL3 Merch since we love the games.

Edit: I also found a few people this happened to recently on comments on the Instagram page but no answers so far

Edit #2: So I got a message from someone that saw the Instagram comments, he ordered stuff almost two weeks ago and his was not cancelled, but they haven’t shipped it yet either. And he also has paid in full. He just got told you get an email when it ships. (which we know.) and that’s it. So I guess they have been backed up for a while?

Anybody have unfulfilled orders also?

Edit and update 12/10: A few days ago I got an email finally saying it wasn’t cancelled, even though it had been, but they mirrored my cart under a new order number, still sitting unfulfilled as of today. Online one of the items in said cart it out of stock now so I anticipate another cancellation. yay.

Did you card get billed at the time of ordering? IIRC the two times I’ve ordered, the card was only billed at the time of shipping.

My other question would be where did you file a ticket on the issue? In the case of one item I ordered that was out-of-stock, I got an email directly from the store support desk asking me how I wanted to proceed…

As far as response time: given the promotion that was on over the US Thanksgiving period, it honestly wouldn’t surprise me if the store was a bit back-logged.


We both got billed at the time of order, I just happened to track it to see the cancellation, since the money was never returned I didn’t know it was cancelled prior. I haven’t gotten any emails from them regarding anything.

Her and I both filed tickets on the contact us page on the official gearbox loot site. I have no emails so I’m in the dark about it all or why they cancelled entire orders in the first place, I was hoping someone with the same ordeal had some answers ahead of me.

I don’t doubt it was back logged though with the holidays and Black Friday ect.

Ok - that should be the correct place at least. The Community Manager has been pinged on the issue as well, so you should hear something one way or the other. As I’m not employed by GBX I have no insight into when that might be, unfortunately.

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I appreciate your insight and responses either way. I just knew there was no way it was just us. Thanks for the assist!

I am having the same issue. Placed an order on the 24th and was charged the full amount. Havent heard anything or seen shipping email. Checked my order status online and it shows cancelled on the 28th. Sent an email to see what is going on.

It took them 4 days to get back to me from my original ticket,So far they say it wasn’t cancelled but it clearly was, they just mirrored my cart under a new order number and its just sitting unfulfilled so far, that was a couple days ago still, doesn’t look like anything is actually shipping out, the man I spoke to so far that didn’t have his cancelled is still just waiting on his items. Probably been almost three weeks now and his hasn’t been shipped yet.

I had a similar issue I ordered awhile ago, saw that my order was cancelled and the duplicate order placed. I decided not to worry about it cause I’ve ordered a bit and never had an issue. Didn’t get any tracking info and my shipment showed up yesterday.

Got a reply yesterday. The system apparently canceled and reordered everything. I was given a new order number and tracking info.

Same here. Still sitting unfulfilled as of today.

Received my order Friday.
Hopefully yours will come soon.

Ordered $193 worth of product and I’m going through the same BS. Order cancelled on the 28th, except $20 shipping. No refund to my card. Got a reply from Allexus on the 4th of December saying that my order wasn’t cancelled, but that the order # changed. An A was added to my order, that was it. I’m also unable to check any details on my order, because the site doesn’t recognize my email that I used to create an account on the site. Awesomeness all around. 3 weeks down and I sent them another email that I’ll seek a refund from my card company if I receive no reply within 48 hours.

I’m still in the same boat as you. Most of us are, I got contacted by some people on IG too. His is the same deal and the other is going to call his card people today to cancel it, all his were for Christmas gifts. Some people got theirs most didn’t. I ordered on the 26th. I just got the same email on Dec. 5th but still sitting unfulfilled. As you saw mine and a friends are on my card totaling just short of 260$.

My package came a few days ago with what I ordered, it was explained to me that a lot of items they had in back order and were waiting to have those items in stock ect. My friends hasn’t shown up still though