Gearbox Loot Store is LIVE!

Hi fellow community members, in case you missed it on social media. Gearbox has opened a new merch store called Gearbox Loot. As a side note, it is currently in open beta so there might be a few things that they still need to iron out. Having that said there already is some awesome merch on there that you can purchase.

Currently available brands:

  • Borderlands
  • Battleborn
  • Duke Nukem
  • Homeworld
  • We Happy Few

Gearbox Official Launch Stream


  • Elisa Melendez - New Media Manager
  • Erika Stead - Director of Licencing
  • Meredith Hershey - Licencing Coordinator

Store Details

Gearbox Loot Store

  • Limited time deals - These items are limited by time or available numbers.
  • Always on - These items will always be there, so don’t worry about missing out any time soon.

Coupon Code
Get 10% off by using this code in the checkout



  • various payment gateways
  • shipment to EU or other countries can be a bit expensive due to import taxes. GBX is looking into various options to negate that.
  • frequent fresh merch updates
  • looks like the next batch of merch is coming around Black Friday
  • designs can have a different spin on them than you are custom to with regular promotional art. Example, see the 16-bit art on the Borderlands merch.
  • You can send your feedback or request to GBX Loot using the contact forum.
  • Personally I like the Maliwan Duffle bag

@Rika - Director of Licensing - now also has a thread up with a quick FAQ


heh - this is my social media site (I Facebook for family only, hit a couple other forums for unrelated hobbies, and that’s it*). Is it just me, or is it weird that they didn’t include their own company forum for this sort of announcement? :thinking:

Yes I missed it, thanks for posting!

*OMG who are all these kids on my lawn :laughing:

Thanks @MentalMars for picking up my dropped ball here. :wink: I intended to write a post on this and in the excitement of launch and livestream… I failed. You may all shame me now.

I’m going to copy paste in some notes on the store that I wrote out on another thread… and in general I’ll try to make sure either I’m keeping the forums updated on store stuff, or I’m getting the info to Community Team early so they can get it posted here.

From the other thread:

Gearbox Loot is currently “in beta”, which means we’re pretty sure its not perfect yet, but we are planning on iterating and, hopefully, improving quickly. We are actively seeking feedback on any part of the experience, and there’s a contact form on the site where you can place that feedback. (We are also monitoring forums, social, etc. with the help of our community team, but contact form is the best way to ensure store team sees your thoughts quickly. )

BTW - we do have a new web address for the store, but intent is to have all old store links redirecting… so if you see one that isn’t, please let me know.

There is a VOD up at which has a lot of info about the store and its concept as well. (It also has me totally ruining an unboxing, so please enjoy my shame…)

Probably the most noticeable thing that’s different about this store vs the previous is that we are featuring limited time Collections. These will be sets of items built around a theme that are available for a limited time only, and in some cases, limited by quantity. (In some cases, we will even have one-of-a-kind items that there is literally only one of.) There will be a new Collection on the first Wednesday of every month, and occasionally we’ll do a bonus one for a special occasion. I’m really excited about this concept because it will allow us to be more experimental with products, to do items that can’t be truly mass produced, and to make things that are really special and specific to a moment in time. If you want to know about these things first, there’s an email sign up on the site as well. (Even if you already get Gearbox emails, please sign up - we want to get all of the store info to the people who are most interested first.)

We also are doing typical store inventory that is always there for the buying - we call these “Always-On” items. We’re adding new product all the time, both through Collections and also for Always-On. I want to get our selection significantly expanded from what it is now. (Actually there will prob never come a point where I, personally, think its enough. When it comes to clothes and merch I think more is not enough. :wink: There are some really cool designs that are finishing up right now… but I can’t spoil them for you just yet.


Takes deep, calming breath.

There’s no new Toby merch… :expressionless:


In the stream they mentioned that you can always send requests/feedback to them. I’m sure the team will also look at the forums for feedback :slight_smile:


I’m gonna stare at it until there’s some Shayne merch


Battleborn soundtrack.
Even if it’s just a digital download.
That is all.


If such a thing is happening then I really would like the uptempo version of the main menu score. In the Battleborn CTT there was a more mellow version of the track but sadly both got removed as you would be spending a lot of time in the menus and the team thought the tune would become too repetitive after some time. A small clip of the more energetic version got used at the end of one of the Battleborn trailers. I know the tune was made by Kevin Riepl and I REALLY REALLY LIKE IT!!! :heart:
Oscar Mike vs Battle School and Toby’s Friendship Raid Music also needs to be included :smiley:


Congrats on the beta store launch! :tada:

Have you thought about setting up a regular roadmap infographic that shows roughly when to expect the next batch of items on the store? Maybe you could pinch the item rarity from RPGs to hint what sort of items are coming while keeping what they are a secret until the last minute.

Legendary/Orange - Very rare, one off items
Epic/Purple - Very Limited supply
Rare/Blue - Collections
Common/Green - Always On

The way the Gearbox Loot Store has been described reminds me of the vending machines from the Borderlands series. I always tend to forget to check those! :sweat_smile:

I feel that having a regular roadmap infographic posted across all social media feeds will keep it in the front of everyone’s minds much like how the Golden Keys remind you to go play Borderlands!


The GearboxLoot site mentions ‘merch for fans by fans’, therefore, I’m using social media pressure to get more merch on the store.

Battleborn Hoodie

Borderlands Siren Print

Now all we need is a Battleborn Toby plushie :heart_eyes:


Don’t toy with my emotions like that, MentalMars!

Also, even I find it a little creepy that I responded this fast, haha. It’s like I knew someone had said “Toby plushie”, and got on. :sweat_smile:


not creepy at all :lying_face::penguin:


Ooh! Item of the Day!


I’ve looked at the Battleborn brand and I already disliked the Ekkunar logo on the cap and sweater. I know you guys can do better. I bought some Battleborn Chibi shirts from Amazon and those were way better than what I’m seeing right now in the gearbox loot store that’s in beta. Maybe you guys should sell Battleborn figurines that are either Chibi or actual models from the game. Plushies would be nice for these Battleborn Chibis. The moment I see these in the stores, for the first time, I will actually say “Take my freakin’ money already!”

Can we get a cap with the Battleborn logo sewn on to it in the Gearbox loot store?

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Walk of atonement?

Anyone else working with Rita may now watch her walk through the office naked whilst you throw food at her - gently though, like cream cakes :smile:

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@Rika @mentalmars

I know a lot of DnD players who are BL2 fans who would loooooooooooooooove to have a set of tiny-tina-dragon’s-keep inspired dice. They would love to give american dollars for such a product. Whether they be a replica or customizable isn’t super important, but, they would need to be a full set of dice to punch dwarven kings with.

Anything like that coming down the pipeline?

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That’s a really good idea. We have been looking at different ways to communicate what’s coming when - there’s still a lot to figure out of course, and we want to make sure that in the end we go with something that we’ll be able to add to quickly, and apply to a lot of different situations. But its def something we’re looking at. And discussing with our web devs of course.

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Ha ha, so what would help you remember to check those vending machines? Just asking for a friend. :wink:

You know, we actually had some of these as a swag item in the past. I’m not sure what event they were made for as it slightly predated me coming to Gearbox, but we had them around the office for a long time and would sometimes bring them with us to events to give out if we happened to meet someone wearing something Borderlands, etc. It wasn’t like a full dice set, just one d20 that had a vault symbol instead of a 20.