Gearbox Loot Store is LIVE!

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They were swag from pax prime 13. I’ve been doing research lol. Those are the only official vault symbol dice I’m aware if and aregoing for crazy on Ebay, the set with the red and blue go for 40-50. To put that in perspective, a full set of actual dnd dice go between 7-25 dollars.

Short version. People would love if you guys sold a full set of replicas but if you want to get rid of a few of the d20s… PM me, ill make sure they find good homes lol

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Somebody in the Off-Topic section posted a picture of a really nice looking set a while back - was that @Piemanlee? I know there are several companies making custom sets, such as the custom Acquisitions Incorporated one from Penny Arcade. Something like that but with a Borderlands vault symbol would be awesome…

Well, I’ve been wanting to get a custom T-shirt for a while. Even collected all the artwork for it, but I just can’t seem to get myself to the point of putting it all together. The full set of achievement icons for Borderlands 2, with the words “100% Vault Hunter” around them. On a charcoal grey T.

A Borderlands travel mug would be neat - wasn’t there one lurking in the office shots?

And I really liked the Maliwan cap, but I’m much more likely to wear a nice warm tuke. How about an Axton commando head tuke with appropriate logo (vault symbol or Dahl?)

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I’d actually posted about them a week or two nack, any older than that and pie may have beat me to it.

The issue with the custom companies is that they’re prohibitively expensive (75 dollars per die) and they won’t do trademarked stuff like the vault symbol. Plus I’d prefer to give GB my money.

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I posted my black and gold set probably 4 months ago now. Solid metal, 25 dollars for the set on Amazon.

P.S: if the store starts selling a dice set, a matching dice bag would be amazing

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Yeah, if theres a metal die set out there on Amazon I’m afraid it’s not properly licensed. :frowning:

I didn’t realize those we ebaying so high!

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Not gearbox dice, sorry for the confusion. I meant the dice i posted in random talk thread.

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Yeah, I’ve only come across sold auctions in my searches by the range is pretty well set at 35-50 for just those two die, which I wouldn’t pay because… well honestly, the colors don’t match any of my sets and aside from the symbol there’s no real flair. I’d pay less though if they hit the store for a fair price!

Saucy dog. I hate the feel of metal dice and if I use a dice tray with them I’m always afraid I’m gonna break it >.-

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The Gearbox Loot Store just got some New Merch :hugs:
You can enjoy a 20% discount on all ugly holiday sweaters and wrapping paper this weekend through Cyber Monday! You can check out the collection here.

As a reminder, these new items are timed exclusives.

Personally, I like the design of the Homeworld sweater

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Can I get a Geoff sentry chibi figurine…? Please! :smile:

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Sweet new Borderlands merch up on the store, I really like this CyberPunk t-shirt :sunglasses:

There is also merch featuring various weapon manufacturers. While we had ugly sweaters last time, now there is a range of sweet winter clothes. Another cool thing is that there is a Woven Blanket of the Pandora Map, however, this is a limited time item.