Gearbox Love needs balancing!

I’ve played an unhealthy amount ( around 1,350+ hours, 95% solo ) and everytime I’m close to having all the gear I want, the level cap gets increased rendering all of the grind into trash, never really giving me a chance to enjoy my hard earned gear.

To make matters worse, I play this game in co-op with a dormant character to double my chances ( meaning 2,700+ hours played ).

GB please understand, I love playing this game, love the variety of gear ( for the most part, as I’ve only played Zane ) and love the over the top character ridiculousness. Unfortunately, this game does not reciprocate with equal love.

Here are my thoughts to avoid a Messy Breakup :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Everytime you increase the level cap and/or add new gear/anointments, you must also increase the drop rate.

  • Reward us with a dedicated drop everytime we farm a boss. Especially if the boss has more than one drop that can drop in 50 or so variations.

  • Remove all world drops from named bosses. Give us a reason to replay the awesome open world you’ve created. Perhaps dedicate world drops to locations?

I know that one of the solutions is to just “Let it Go”, but I love you. :pleading_face: :kissing_heart:
I’m open to conversation and/or spooning. :eyes:


I like your boss drop and world drop ideas. The world drop idea would basically become permanent ‘loot the world’ which would be fine with me. I think if these changes applied only in TVHM it would be a terrific incentive to play that mode, and would also preserve the leveling experience for new players.


i don think you know what you are talking about buddy ;d

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Now now @Hexxusz0r, he is right … there is a giant variety of gear… He didn’t say it was end game viable… He just said there is a variety and there is. If you play mayhem off . All the gear is viable and so much to choose from. :sunglasses:


Yup, I also like your boss drop and world drop ideas

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Everything reasonable works just fine through mayhem 4 really. A decent amount of purples and uniques function acceptably in the right context through mayhem 6 should one choose to do so. It’s after that in which diversity falls off precipitously.

It’s likely seen as a relatively minor or at least less pressing issue internally based on the proportion of the playerbase which regularly engages with the high end of the scale. A non social media forum attracts a highly disproportionate slice of the playerbase skewing our perspective. However, it’s a safe bet the minority running M10 is small indeed. How much of that is a symptom of the state of that content is hard to say, but regardless in any game only a small proportion engage in the highest difficulty or grind for ages.

Many steam games one can see as little as a third of players get more than a couple hours into any given title. Often only several percent reach and engage in the end game of any applicable title.

This isn’t intended as an excuse, but merely to illustrate a semi reasonable perspective I suspect is held until planned content is mostly delivered.

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The small level bumps are stupid.

Very stupid. Big healthy level bumps significantly allow ppl to say… Well all right im.basically making my character so different with new levels and theres so much new gear available…

As they usually came along with dlcs.

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Just make anointments drop as seperate loot items like weapon trinkets that you can apply on your weapon of choice. The RNG of anoints gets exponentially worse with every new anoint they add. At some point the grind becomes insane.


Well said!

I probably fall into that small percentage and feel that grinding forever was more acceptable in previous installments. The industry is saturated with game options compared to when the previous Borderlands launched. It’s too easy to move on to a new game, when the current game your playing gets stale.

I can’t help thinking of the players who aren’t as dysfunctional as I am with the amount of hours spent farming. Never getting that feeling of being OP in the endgame. This feeling is what keeps me grinding, but my persistence is petering out.

I agree, especially if the drop rate of getting that perfect gear is around 0.01%

I’ve seen topics on this and it sounds really interesting.

My thoughts on gear and leveling (which are most likely not even new), are suggestions that seems relatively easy to implement and could potentially make the grind more rewarding. This is assuming the systems are already in place, which should allow Gearbox not needing to create a new system. That said, I have no clue how the loot system works, so a weapon trinket system may be just as viable and I’m all for more stuff. :eyes:

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