Gearbox, merge queues for the 3 gamemodes for better results!


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Explanation: Currently the game avarages 4000-5000 players on steam only. This population is divided into 4 sections : Story-Mode, Capture Mode, Incursion, Meltdown. With simple math, you can avarage that to 1000 players for each mode, which is clearly low.
The current divided matchmaking for Versus-Mode, is causing matchmaking to find matches no-matter the rank of players and causes more and more inbalanced games every single day. It divides the PvP community into 3 parts and that is bad for a low playerbase game! It’s inefficient

**Solution/Idea:**By removing the 3 game-mode choices in Versus-Mode and adding only 1 single Queue-up button for a random mode ( similar to Overwatch ). You would increase the efficiency of Matchmaking to 3X BETTER and end-up player having better experience in games, with more balanced ranks and skilled players against eachother.

Important: Only adding a random-mode button is not enough! You have to remove the option to chooe your own game-mode to make matchmaking better, otherwise the PvP community will always be split into 3 parts

I would like to ask everyone very nicely to think this through, before saying this is ■■■■■■■■ or downvoting this thread, because this is super important, concerning the future of Battleborn! You might not be able to choose your favourite game-mode, but you will have a lot more fun in each of your matches!


I would love this to be added to the game like instead of choosing which type just choose random. I would choose this all the time because I love changing it up

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I vaguely have the same idea, but I think it would be far better if instead they created an additional playlist where you are matched into any of the game modes while preserving the other playlists. People that want to do the same thing get to, the rest that don’t care get to get into matches faster.


From what I have seen, a lot of people are more interested in completing lore challenges than having good games. Being unable to choose your gamemode might cause more people to quit on the loading screen if they don’t get the mode they want.

Perhaps add the mixed playlist as well - so you can be slotted into any game mode, depending on which games are most closely matched to your skill level?

I’m not sure about how matchmaking works at the moment, but I would imagine that some players are better on different game modes (due partly to character preferences) so I’d guess different skill ratings for each playlist would be used in the matchmaking algorithm. In short, if this is true then the gamemode would have to be chosen before teams could be best matched.

So maybe instead of implementing either a 4th ‘random’ queue or removing the current 3 queues for 1 mixed queue, you could have something that essentially puts you in all 3 queues if you opt in?

No, if you force me into a queue for modes I despise (remember more game modes are being planned) I will play less. I’m 100% on board for a random queue or even selecting the different modes you want to queue for (I would add co-op to this list).

This solves your problem as it can decrease matchmaking time for people who don’t care or just want any match, and lets people avoid modes they don’t like.

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I think that if you tried to do this, you’d have a significant number of players bailing every time they don’t get the game type they want, forcing you back into matchmaking repeatedly.

A better solution, and one I know @Jythri has considered (unknown at the time what was definitively possible), is to have something more like a “first available” queue which would be used to fill out teams in the currently existing queues that have been waiting the longest.


Unfortunately the modes are different enough that this will annoy people. I personally only play meltdown because it is the most MOBA like. Incursion would be my preferred mode if it had more than 1 lane. Capture is more or less death match mode and if I wanted that, I would just go play Overwatch.

I think they need to make a proper multi lane incursion map and promote it as their main map/mode the way most MOBAs have a single main map/mode.

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While I’m all for improving matchmaking, this is not an alternative I would appreciate. I don’t play Capture, too deathmatchy for me, so being forced to play it would be quite the turn off. I don’t mind the wait times, especially if the alternative is something along the lines of what is being suggested here.

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