Gearbox needs 2 fix dis no ammo situation

the borderlands series is by far the worst shooter in business when it comes 2 ammo for the player no other shooter DELIBERATELY puts the player in multiple situations where there isnt any ammo insight and or barely any ammo 2 be acquired there’s absolutely zero reason as 2 y the game wants u2 kill enemies but doesnt want 2 supply u the player with infinite ammo supplys so u can have the bullets 2 kill said enemies u have everyother game under the sun like division/destiny/cod/battlefield/anthem who alwys makes sure the player has wat they need 2 face the enemies at hand while borderlands does the opposite every f-time oh u want me 2 fight a boss but u dont want 2 put a ammo machine or infinite ammo chest in the boss room and or area did u 4 once think that hmmmm WAT HAPPENS IF THEY STILL NEED MORE AMMO AFTER LOOTING EVERY AMMO CHEST INSIGHT NOPE! oh and lets not 4get the chest have randomly generated ammo so its rng in the 1st place 2 even get wat u want but nonetheless u still keep making the same sryass mistakes everytime gearbox and u only had 2 do just 1 thing PUT AMMO MACHINES IN EVERY ENCOUNTER or…INFINITE AMMO CHEST just like division so oh idk if anybody ever needed more ammo 2 do the job they have at hand then they can u have awhole circle of slaughter sht going on but yo sry a.s.s still 2 lazy 2 make sure the player can still get ammo in fact u lock the doors behind the players so they cant get back in like da-f?! u had 1 iob gearbox and u cant even do dat

Between chests and enemy drops, there is ammo everywhere. I don’t think I’ve run out once since about a third of the way through my first playthrough. If you’re running out of ammo that often, you’re doing something wrong.

Also, could you please try to be a little more coherent? Some people might want to read your posts, but a wall of text with no punctuation and random text slang is nearly illegible and off-putting.


Gearbox have stated that they are going to add more vendors to maps.