Gearbox needs to learn before the game dies

If they don’t learn the mistakes of other games quick. This game will dead at the Cyberpunk launch. A lot of looter games out they they can learn from but for some reason I am seeing them make the same mistake other games have done.

The biggest mistake? Dedicated loot drops. Worst idea ever and alienated all casual players and all non farmer gamers. The fix is easy. Everything and every boss should have the chance to drop every item but with a Bonus for a certain item. Easy.

The other big mistake is making it so hard on M4 that build variety is impossible and you need to meta game to beat it. Right there you lost build variety which in turn means you lost all casual players. You claim to have a billion guns but we are stuck all using the same ones because they are the op weapons we need for bullet sponge ■■■■ m4. The easy fix? Loot drop % should be the Same on all mayhem modes! Make the game fun. And let mayhem levels simply be bragging rights. Let use enjoy killing things a little slower but at least with gun we enjoy. I love the sniper that launched lava balls after it hits. But useless in most of M4. Which sucks. A lot of casual players can’t ever get the best loot because gearbox is doing the mistake division 2 did.m which was to make a stupid loot wall that most players can’t get to.

Anyways. That just my opinion but if they continue with this carrot and stick :carrot: ■■■■ they are gone kill this game and kill it for casual players.

Ps. I see a lot of comment about me saying that the game is too hard but that’s no even close to what I’m saying so please read carefully before saying that. I play on M4 but my wife has a hard time in split screen and we are enjoying M2. However she’s really sad that most items she will never get because of the M4 loot exclusive Wotan wall and I had to explain it to her that gearbox wants to make the hardcore players who farm 8 hours a day and meta build to get a reward. But people like me and her who bought the game and also spent money. Won’t get access to ALL the items available. Made her sad and that is why I wrote this post.


Isn’t that what the dedicated drops allegedly are? They don’t remove the items from the world drops, they just give certain enemies a higher chance to drop specific items.


M4 isn’t for the casual players, there’s no reason they can’t enjoy themselves in lower difficulty. And M4 should definitely have boost, it’s risk vs reward. If you’re going to put the effort in, you should be rewarded for it with more than bragging rights.


That’s exactly what it is, with the exception of a few M4 items that only Maliwan will drop or specific bosses for each class mod.


I really don’t get why it’s a bad idea to have dedicated loot drops.

If Timmy doesn’t like to farm or to not spend time on a looter shooter…timmy should’nt buy the game.
You don’t go to Digital Extreme (creators of Warframe) to tell them “Your farming based game is too farming centered, this is a bad game.” it doesn’t make ANY sense.


Somehow that sounds familiar from ye olde “UVHM is too hard”-discussions in BL2 and TPS. As it is, there was still build variety left.

That’s something I wouldn’t agree with. To take BL2 as an example, UVHM and Digistruct Peak surely didn’t draw casual players. I consider it rather more probable that most casual players never ventured there.

But (yes, there’s always a ‘but’ :wink:) that didn’t turn casual players away.

If one bought an old-fashioned shooter game, with the classic difficulty set: easy, normal, hard, impossible, then the casual gamer didn’t expect to play impossible difficulty. The casual approach is along the lines of ‘I want to play through the story and then I’ll see if I continue’. More often than not, a casual would play normal and maybe hard, and that’s it. I can’t even count the number of games I never finished on the hardest available mode.

If one buys a game with the idea to play through all of it, including the hardest difficulty setting, then one isn’t a casual player.

A game should be fun from the start. If normal mode is fun, that’s what gets the casual players. If ultra-hard mode is what it says on the can, so be it.


Why is that? I don’t really get the comparisons with Cyberpunk, that’s a completely different game (and for the record, I’m addicted to BL3 and I have zero interest in Cyberpunk).

Learn the mistakes from other games? 7 years after release, BL2 was still high up in Steam’s most played games list. If anything, BL2 has had a remarkably long life.

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its interesting, the use of the term “casual players”

imo, most of us who are regulars on this forum are certainly not casual players, although i may be wrong.

the other million or so players who are not on this forum probably make up the casual playerbase.

when you look at the ps4 trophy list, and what percentage of people have even got to level 50 yet, you suddenly realise the casual player does indeed… play casually :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


This is already a thing since 2 patches ago.

I do think that M4 exclusive gear is a terrible incentive to play at that Mayhem level, but if people want a challenge, let them. But do have the now M4 exclusive gear drop at lower Mayhem levels too. Droprates should be left untouched though, it’s easy to get a quadruple drop on M1 already.

Was there a poll thread I missed? Because I like dedicated drops. It reminds me of the good old days farming gear and even though I don’t have the dedication to gaming I once had - its nice to have something accomplishable.

Just playing the game thousands of times over hoping anyone will drop a particular item is crazy talk… And that’s what casuals won’t do lol.


Ya and If they don t fix The really Bad Graphics Performance,The game have to die,is a Shame playing a game without graphics from Next gen,and The graphics performance are really bad,Hurt my eyes playing this…The worst in last two years.

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It depends on what you think is a casual player.
Most players compleet the story and mayby all the side quest and then leave the game for the next, until a DLC is released.

But for what i have noticed when you are done with TVHM you will have decent gear to play even up to M3. Yes for m4 you are required to farm a little more, but i dont think it is really bad to do, i have now 2d play time in Borderland3 on my character and can play m4. Which acually gives a fun challenge now.
And dedicated loot drops makes it easier to farm for the guns you need/or want, without having all the luck in the world for that one gun you want.


Have to be honest I’m not a great fan of dedicated loot drops. It gets boring real fast. I much prefer the Craw experience to the BNK3R one. I’m now in the process of farming Sylvestro for Amara’s new M4 class mod and I’m remembering how that BNK3R farm nearly made me give up on the game entirely. Because of how tanky the enemies on the way to the Bosses are it takes quite a while to progress and farming can literally take days or even weeks just to get one item. And I can’t mix it up by trying another boss for variety as this is the only place to go, while there’s zero incentive to go back there once I finally do get it. No, thanks.


I defintely think the M4 exclusive drops could use a bit of a higher drop rate but it might just be bad luck on my part.

Personally I like having some loot exclusive to M4 but I can understand why some people won’t.

I think nearly all of us can agree that dedicated drops need buffed. Especially when farming stats, anointments, etc.

The current system is like playing a claw machine at an arcade.


That sure is the all round consesus alright and thats a nice analogy :joy: farmed Troy last night I got 6 anointed for about 3 hours farming and I kid you not everyone was an ASMD if I see another one of them I think im going to put my head through the tele :tired_face: who in GB ok’d that to be a legendary they should be handed their p45 and escorted out of the building by the end of the day :stuck_out_tongue:

Also Hey Thicc hope your keeping well buddy :+1:

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I farmed the BNK3R for 2 months back in the days, and never get the Shock Bitch I was looking for…
And yet, Sylestro is much more easier to farm and much more rewarding than that old flying saucer…
First, get a Snowdrift artifact (the first you find, don’t need specific buff) and learn how to SnowCross the map.
Don’t stop until you get to Sylestro. Farm him.
Repeat until you get your first Spiritual Driver COM.
Equip the SD with the good build.
And now you can outrun everything to farm Sylestro in about 1min / a run and get as many SD as you wish. :wink:

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I will go a step further, if you created an account on this site then you are no casual. As most casuals who visit this site quickly look for things they are wanting to do to see if they want to go futher into the game’s harder difficulty or looking for builds etc… Also for the most part if the casual did create an account and they stay casual you normally can tell buy what they post or how often…

This right here makes me think he is a somewhat newer player. Just for the fact that since dedicated loot drops even with the flaw’s of rare spawn enemies. Makes me think he didn’t sit at graveward, or gigamind, for hours or days to get that one peice of loot you are looking for. Now to me if they kept the game like that it would of died and not because of cyberpunk.

I would beg to differ as I don’t feel the need to always have an anointed Maggie with every fl4k and Zane build and my Amara doesn’t need 3 cutsman to run a mission. I fact I made 2 rakk pak builds last night, one had insane healing and needs a class mod with damage buffs and the other is extremely high dps and heavy rakk damage.

not like there’s allready 3 games they could learn from huh? :joy:

BL1, 2 and TPS…