Gearbox needs to learn some basic coding this is just sad

So no dlc is playable because I don’t have it downloaded, even though I do. Same goes for the compatibility pack. I deleted all dlc all compatibility packs. Cleared system cache. Re downloaded it registered I had it one time and now back to square one.

The game has worked just fine for several years. Mine still works fine, and I’m on my third physical 360, although there have been a couple of hiccups when moving stuff from system to system. There’s something weird that happens to individual systems periodically that seems to result from a conflict between the 360 DRM system and the game, and neither side seems to have a handle on how it happens.

Here’s what you can try: fire up your 360, log in to your profile, then go into System, Storage, and select wherever you have your game content (DLC etc) stored. Select the licence transfer option (you can also look up the XBL help page for this process if you haven’t done it before). Next go intor your account downloads history and re-download all the DLC etc. This shouldn’t take long if the files are still on the disk (it should jump from 1% to 100% pretty quickly), but it will update the DRM stuff relating to all those files. Then try launching the game, loading up a save, and checking the DLC locations on the fast travel system.

Note that you may need to clear the system cache before you do all this stuff, but you probably already know how to do that. I’d do the clear and restart 3 times as per usual recommendations, as this really does seem to make a difference (not sure why, but there you go.)

If it’s still not working after all that, you could try filing a support ticket.

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Thanks for the response but I already went down that road. Even deleted and re downloaded with no luck. Don’t know how to explain but I think some how some way a character file was corrupt and corrupting everything. Deleted everything related to borderlands 2 and I seem to be having a little luck so far. Hopefully I’ll get to play my dragon keep dlc that I just never got the chance to.

Have you filed a support ticket? I understand your frustration at not getting what you paid for, but if a company has a help desk like GBX, I think you should exhaust that avenue before claiming it’s their fault it’s unplayable. I had some issues myself on PS3 when I first started getting DLC’s and it was incredibly frustrating, but I did manage to resolve them eventually. If you have already tried their support and gotten nowhere then I’m sorry and hope you are able to get a refund.