GEARBOX offering refunds?

Is Gearbox offering refunds?

Im honestly over the performance issues. And im even more over the fact that they have not properly addressed the situation.

I have tried many temporary solutions found on Youtube and other various media sites. Sure they help increase overall FPS, But do not solve the MAJOR FPS drops that come with switching weapons such as Rocket Launchers, ADSing, Etc. I have seen drops as low as 30 FPS.

Quite frankly, I should not have to drop my settings down to “Very Low” and run at 1080p just to achieve decent FPS on a 2080. There is no reason I shouldnt be able to play this game on 1440p, Ultra settings and be able to maintain a constant 60 FPS with zero drops.

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I would assume that refunds would be handled by wherever you purchased the game. Not gearbox.

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