Gearbox people, are we there yet to fix the vibration bug?

Dear gearbox employees,

please please fix this issue please.

the games been out for a week and playing this awesome game shooter game without vibration is like…

eating oreos without that white cream

or eating big mac without the secret big mac sauce

or eating deep fried KFCs without skin

or drinking warm beer

please. i’m looking forward to get this bug fixed by this week. please


Classic! Pretty freakin hillarious comparisons man but seriously can we get a fix gearbox this is close to game breaking

Yeah. Its like eating raw marshmallows…

the game is still playable and enjoyable. but it can become waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better with vibration function.

and we are missing a small yet big part of the fps game.

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I honestly didn’t know people play games with vibration on o.o

really? it makes it feel like you’re actually shooting, getting hit by enemies, earthquakes etc

Well it seems like some people dont mind eating smores without chocolate

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What the hell is a smore? lol