Gearbox PLEASE add a no unit cap option


Can you PLEASE add a no unit cap option to the multiplayer options… I would prefer if you guys did this than having someone create a mod that will remove the unit cap… A lot of us love big battles and we would love to have the freedom to play these big battles with no restrictions…

If everyone can please support this option to be added to the game that would be greatly appreciated…

Thank You All…

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Since the game is limited to a single core, most machines, even modern ones, lose 50% or more framerate even with the current cap in a 4v4 game. I think the reason why gearbox doesn’t have that option in is because if someone wants to shoot their game experience in the foot, at least they have to turn the safety off (mods).

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I wouldn’t mind seeing a unit cap on/off toggle for the single player missions added into the game options, perhaps only unlockable after completion of the single player game. A nice little reward and a way to get more out of the replay experience, for when you feel like pushing at the edges a bit
Just make sure people know that the game will grind to a shuddering halt if you go too mental with it. :slight_smile:

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If I remember correctly it was no big deal to remove the unit cap by simply editing one small game file. I recall doing it once or twice back in the day and yes you could indeed choke a pc back then with massive 100+ ship battles. Today’s computers are much more powerful but the graphics are now higher resolution as well. And not everyone will be rocking the latest tech. The last thing we need is for some noobs that don’t know what they are doing, setting unlimited unit caps in the menu, then bitching that the game is a slide show because their computers can’t handle it.
I like the idea of it becoming available after the campaign missions have been won though. It would be a great end game perk and by then the noobs would know that it’s not the game engine’s fault if they choke their machines with massive multi-player battles.

Yeah… I certainly worked my old P.C to near enough a dead stop with HW1 back when it first came out and that was with the soft unit cap…Unsurprising considering the "if its not bolted down I’m having it " attitude I took to Yoinking the AI’s ships out from underneath it :slight_smile:

I never got into file modding back then, so what with all the thievery. I barely built any craft bigger than a fighter and always seemed to have a vast store of RU’s left over at the end of the game.


To tell you the truth myself and my other 2 friends have not had this issue with my game slowing down to the point where its unplayable and the battles are amazing… We all have new systems so we don’t have this issue…