Gearbox please add new charectors in DLC, keeps the game going

So I’m a long time running bordelands franchise fans, collector of all things borderlands.

if my experience was wrapped up into one major feedback it would be that gearbox making a decision to NOT add new charectors is a extremely bad move and will help push the game to a faster death.

a fresh new charector makes you think , I want to check this one out, it gives you reasons to grind, reasons to play with new builds , reasons to enjoy the story with a new personality.

I’ve not been on boderlands in a good 3 weeks since destiny shadowkeep came out. but theres no reason other than the very end weel of October to do the Halloween event.
in borderlands I’m currently owned all legendarys that’s worth owning , I have 3x max charectors (I left out zane) I’ve run one through TVHM , I’ve grinder every boss, every sloughter zone , every area , 100% clear.

so I’m not sat with not much reason to go on and I feel like the DLC will give me a couple of hours play then it’s back on the shelf.
I’m already guardian rank 400+ and let me tell you this once you hit 400 it is not worth leveling up and you need to do littery 10x the amount it feels to get one level and since when your stats get towards 14% you only get a 0.01% increase on a guardian token.

I love the game , put countless hours into it 7 days I think in total, however when you are where I am , what is the end game? thers nothing to grind for, unless your doing groundhog day on bosses or waves you dont need to fight as you got all guns worth there salt.

this is why it’s almost critical that for hatdcore fans , they allow new charectors, what I’d give for a tiny tina sister charector would be epic!

the bonus charectors in pre sequel made the game so much more playable.


Yeah, I have no idea what “data” they were talking about when they said that people would prefer to expand the skill trees of existing characters rather than have a new character, but I guarantee it’s incorrect. New characters are the best way to make people replay the game and come back to try something new; especially in the absence of any sort of seasonal model.


I would typically agree but lets see if they can put the 4 they have now in a workable state first… then maybe just maybe more dlc characters lol.



That’s not what they said. There was not enough interest in the characters and people did not use them instead going back to their main toons.

Remember that they were not part of the season pass and were extra.

I can easily believe it as I remember a lot of people commenting on my Krieg for months. It wasn’t untill the GotY that he started showing up.

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perhaps the reason is that not even gearbox want to go through this story on a 5th and 6th character… lol. nah, but i hope they reconsider and make atleast one new character. if that doesn’t go well according their data, add a 4th skill tree to existing ones.

I agree for slightly different reasons. DLC character are great! They add more replayability as well as more variety in a 4 person party. It adds new personalitys and depth to the game. It provides more fun to the game.

I really hope Gbx reconsiders this.

While I would agree, I also look forward to the build diversity and new skills from having a 4th or even possibly a 5th skill tree.

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I would like an additional skill tree to my Zane. I never played any of the DLC characters in 2 or TPS because they didn’t interest me.

I definitely want new characters and for the 4 we have now to be fixed.

Gaige and Aurelia ended up being two of my most played on BL2 and TPS, Krieg and Timmy were also awesome. New characters are just as important as campaign expansions IMO.


I would rather have another skill tree for an existing character, if I am being honest. I think it would only take something like a cryo frostbite tree to make me want to pick up Zane, or a radiation tree to change how I play Moze. More build diversity promotes replayability!

I loved DLC characters, Jack and Aurelia were my 2 favorites for TPS.

However what they said is a small percentage of players actually used them past 5 levels, so if that is the case I totally understand that there may be a better way to do it.

The idea of a new skill tree for our existing characters is very intriguing to me, hopefully that comes with a level cap.

For players like the OP, where you play the game like a job, well that is also a small percentage of players. Many have not yet even beaten the story.

For players like the OP the game might get stale for a bit while you wait for DLC.

I’m in the middle I don’t have all the free time to play as much as I want but I’m experimenting with skills and guns and characters. I could just say hey these are the 10 most powerful items and I have them so I am done. But I want to make lesser items work by finding synergies with skills.

I think the game has a lot to keep it going, for me at least and with dlc on the way and possible new skill trees, im really excited.

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Particularly at the OP, but not everyone has the time you have to spend on a video game. Content can’t be designed for such a small - however dedicated - minority because unfortunately everything costs money, and most people won’t shell out because they won’t get a decent return (in time spent) on their investment.

I’m not putting down the effort you put into the game either - games need dedicated players who will to explore every single inch of content. But unfortunately it’s not a financial justification to invest in content that not many people are going to buy.

I’m more interested in what Gearbox can do without extending the number of playable classes. Tacking on classes - however well-designed - limits the scope of expanding the story, multiplies the amount of voice work required for new content, and so on. I’m more interested in BL3 being a platform for the story of Borderlands in a way the previous games only really touched upon in DLC. Look at the Galaxy Map! There’s so much potential!


the game is a month old. The DLC’s will come in time. Play something else until they drop then come back. You don’t have to play one game and complain about no new content.

1000% correct

works fine to me, try a new console lol

you dont need extra skills , you can already 1 shot stuff on one skill tree alone lol


Hell I’d be happy if they even brought back old characters. Let me play as

Nisha (i know she’s dead in canon, but maybe she lived? please? her skill tree was amazing

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as mentioned above u can 1 shot anything with mist builds now , it is pointless adding more skills when charectors are already OP