Gearbox please add new charectors in DLC, keeps the game going

I have read all your replies and in all honesty those that ask for new skill trees tend to be the ones thsts not yet arrived at the end game were there is a handful of god builds that can melt bosses. so these are your bread and butter. see no one is going to sit there and kill a boss for 30 mins so they run the set gid builds and 5 minute the boss so extra skill trees are useless and in all honestly people are gods now so what do they need extra skill trees for.

the best approach I think would be gearbox to build a separate dlc that will allow you to buy new charectors this would bring them revenue in to justify the build costs and it would also allow the hardcore players to get more use out of the game as at current end game status it’s pretty dead I’m afraid.

Hehe, yeah - and we don’t need 200+ legendaries either because we could all use lyuda ! :stuck_out_tongue:

i can’t believe you didn’t mention krieg in your list. what’s wrong with him ?!?!

If they could add new characters what would even be the archetype?

Gunner and Siren are a must for the franchise, and already done. Beastmaster is the crit factory, Operative is actually more the pet class for now…

If they added a new Psycho the comparisons to Krieg would never end (and multiple action skill options would be too difficult) so that’s out. Maybe a new melee character, except we actually already got that in the Siren.

A Medic? I think the problem is even if their ‘data’ is disputable there’s nothing of quality to add that’s new… The build variety for this installment seems meant to kill any need for additional characters. I mean they already made Fl4k a robot so you can’t even consider a Hacker archetype without wondering why Fl4k isn’t capable of similar skills…

Undead is really the only viable new character type (which could be pretty cool I guess) but even then would you be satisfied?

Krieg! I would be willing to pay to play him in B3.

you already know the answer to this but i’ll tell you !!

short, almost dwarf… can kill everything np

i obviously won’t happen though… we lost all the left handed guns thanks to craptrap.


I figured someone would bring him up lol… And I know it’s not the same but you can customize dual wield options on iron bear.

Again it seems like they went out of their way to suit everything with the 4 characters… And even if they brought Sal back he would have to be reworked completely. What options are there for his action skill now, what augments? The old trees wouldn’t work hence a former character couldn’t be brought back… Aside from as undead. If they really wanted to re-enforce that new-u stations aren’t canon they must do an undead VH otherwise I refuse to let it go.

Edit - depending on the story, I do suppose a guardian player character could be added. Would have to start at level 35 and not have access to story mode though… That could also be fun maybe.

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yeah, i honestly can’t think of anything. As you said, they covered most with all the augments and action skills. except for moze’s. if she had 3 aswell like the rest, something that functioned similar to axtons turret and a summon like deathtrap 2.0 / bastion from overwatch in addition to her piloted mech they really would have covered all i think.

but i’d love to see a gunslinger themed VH… Maybe clay? but question is, what would he provide that the others don’t.

you forget we had CLAPTRAP as a vault hunter before.

Also alot of the old cast is dead, they could recycle old gimmicks. I loved Nisha in the presequel and i’d love for her skill tree to come back.

Also where is Dr.Zed? We still use his machines but he’s no where to be seen. Unless im missing something from tales of the borderlands like i did with Scooter. Maybe we could play him? Crazy doctor we been selling all our guns to for the past 20ish years. Maybe he’s had some time between patients to practice using stronger “anesthetic”

i didn’t forget about him, allthough i wish i would !

um im on pc so no don’t need a new console, and the characters are a hot mess skill-wise and balance-wise it has nothing to do with hardware.

It’s not about OP builds, it is about diversity and enjoying your character. Anyone coming over from an MMO backgrounds understands the excitement of play the character you love in new ways. I have a 5000+ hour Necromancer in GW2, and I’ve played every single variation over the year, which has kept the character fresh. New trees will accomplish this!


To answer latest discussion on the "no suitable charector " the best way I can describe this is saying “think out of the box”
this is a new genre were in with borderlands 3 , you can have unlimited new vault hunters as the same way the other began there journey.

as for classes you could have
demolition/ explosives
medic /support
or something whacky like clap trap was
theres other stuff like wizards ect or even a evil charector as it’s fun hearing the evil personality quotes like we did with the frosty chick in pre sequel

the things you can do is unlimited , and I am happy to pay for these additions as like I’ve stated other than free and paid DLC these will only quench my thirst for a could of hours.

That is my thought, while I did love Jack and Aurelia of TPS, in bl2 90% of my time was on Maya.

Now Amara has my attention currently in this game and adding more trees has me so excited about the idea of adding either radiation or cryo to her action skill element, hell maybe both eventually.

Also how a new action skill could change the way I play her.

Or flak getting more pets. So many cool things with new skill trees.

On the couch co-op stream they talked about ways to make it so if you are a Moze player they are working on ways so you can spend more time in IB, I have a feeling some of that is a new tree based on spending more time in IB with cooldown or duration.

Right now Amara is the only siren we have had without wings, so im hoping her new tree with have Phoenix in it, so many of her skills have the action skill augment so I’m imagining a Phoenix with a selectable element.

Also I do have a feeling if this game has a bl2 life cycle we might get more characters way down the road but in the mean time, new skill trees have me excited.


Fl4k needs a pet like Ava’s monkey-rat friend Hermes. Imagine that little thing jumping on an enemy and temporarily disarmed them…or perhaps poke them in the eyes thus adding a temporay blinding/confusion affect?

I still want a mysticism character. Perhaps a voodoo tree, a shaman tree, and a monk tree?

Yup I know what you’re talking about. I bought Krieg as soon as he dropped. No pl,straight 0 -61. He really only got popular once the definitive goty dropped.

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@AtticusBatman not much on the mysticism class but as I just run Fl4k,a pet that would jump in enemies faces and distract would be dope af. Yeah I know the pets serve as a distraction now,but a pet that purposely specialized in a skill like that would be almost op in itself especially if it was small and hard to hit because small hit box and such. That’d be pretty cool. I’d be on board.

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For now, i rather have invincible enemies than more playable characters. That is probably more important right now.

Their data is probably saying, while people play new characters, many people are not willing to pay 10 bucks for them. The majority whom did play Krieg and Gaige had them in a bundle. So their thought may be “why we should create a new character when we know that it will be a minus business” Money and time wise

with all the character killing they are doing, i seriously hope they bring forward intreasting characters. and maybe kill ava, could we please have a poll on getting rid of her.