Gearbox please add offline functionality

Hi everyone.

Gearbox would you please eventually add offline functionality for the story missions? We eventually will NEED this.

Battleborn is a new all time fav of mine. You guys did a terrific job and continue to do so weekly. However the thought of one day this game won’t be playable at all really sucks. 10 years from now I want to be able to go back and at the least play story mode. But as currently is, if the servers for the game are gone by that time then the game will be 100% unplayable. Not having the main versus modes would be bad enough, but not even being able to play through story missions with your fav characters and remember how awesome the game was and have that nostalgia would really sucks to those like me that truly LOVE this game.

It maybe something most ppl don’t care about right now , but please consider the long term future. Isn’t there a fav game of yours from 10+ years ago? You may never play it really nowadays, but wouldn’t it suck knowing you can’t play it no matter what?

So Gearbox I plea to you, please do us a fan service and ensure this masterful game will always be playable. Make story missions available offline. Even if you have to make it so gear/credits cannot be acquired offline, that is fine.


I like that logic. I thought you were just gonna complain about solo pve lag. But this was much more agreeable :slight_smile:

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I agree with you, as long as it is quite a bit down the line. I really don’t want to see any cheaters on this game anytime soon.

The only problem is that this would open up new avenues for cheating.

Right now, a lot of the code is kept server side. Loot drops, XP, lore challenges, etc.

If you had an offline mode, all of these would have to be processed on your local PC/console. Once that happens, hackers have the entire code base, and will get to work.

If GBX ever had to shutter their servers (knock on wood, I pray that day never comes) then offline mode would be a decent compromise for players. But for now, it’s just too risky.


I made my own thread on this a few days ago, but very few people commented (though those that did fully agreed). Sadly, i don’t think this will ever become a reality without more players supporting the idea.

There’s cheaters already on PC, from what i here; and not your typical “i think i’m awesome, but this guy killed me easily, so he MUST be hacking” kind of complaints. Still, i agree; they should put it off until they shut off the servers for balancing reasons. As long as they DO it…

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Can’t really prevent cheaters on PC (not trying to start a console war, just stating facts pc gamers have access to tools not available to console gamers that allow them to alter games more easily) But I have not seen a single cheater on my console at least (PS4). I feel like if they allow the offline mode I will see cheaters, when I played borderlands it was common for me to run into people who had altered their save files then loaded them back onto the console so they could cheat. This online only is so far the best way to prevent most cheats on console.

I play on PS4 too, and also have not seen anyone cheating. As i also said, i feel an offline story option SHOULD wait until they are ready to shut off the servers. At the rate things are going, i give Battleborn a year after every DLC is released before Gearbox shuts down the servers. Unless they have a set amount of years set up already; i don’t know how it works.

Unfortunately I think you are right about the lifetime of this game which sucks. I feel like this game could have been the last game I bought for my system and I would have been happy about that ( I would probably buy other games but keep coming back to this one). But I feel like all the doomsayers from the PC community (They always mention the low steam count) prevented a lot of console players from buying the game. I had a few people I recommended the game too, then they came on the forums and saw all the “This game is dying” threads and decided not to buy the game. I think this game may have done a lot better if they didn’t make a pc version because of those threads. This game’s community has really shot itself in the foot, I know most of the posts were because people really care about the game but mentioning low steam numbers does nothing to help.

Exactly, though we’re not exactly brimming with players here on PS4 either; at least it doesn’t feel like it, as i keep seeing the same players. Also, i’ve pretty much given up on public PVP, on account of the surrendering and matchmaking problems. I mostly just play against the CPUS with just myself on a team, just to get through a full match that’s somewhat challenging.


This is quite exactly the whole problem with Steam. If Steam ever fails, all the Steam library is gone. Same with Origin, the PSN, and other non-physical providers like this. This is probably mostly tied to the various anti-privacy protections…

GoG allows the customer to download and backup an actual installer. I believe allows the same thing for older games like Warcraft 3, Diablo 2. Not sure about more recent games, but they are all more or less tied to the online anyway.

Basically, I doubt this will ever be possible, unless they decide to close the curtain on the game far earlier than anticipated and maybe take a bit of their time to make it available for offline play. Alas, I fear it’s indeed one of those games which rely entirely on a distant server to make all the necessary computations, just like Diablo 3 is doing…

Yeah, i highly doubt Gearbox will do it; it’s not cost-effective. Still, they usually stand by their fans, and they seem very into Battleborn, so maybe they WILL save it when the time comes. We can only hope…


I have hope that Gearbox will push the private PvP and PvE content offline when they stop supporting the game’s servers, but I can completely see why everything is hosted server-side while competitive online modes are active. Nobody likes playing with cheaters.

Maybe, in that (hopefully distant) future, we’ll be able to pause the game or save and pick up where we left off, as well, since the server match times would no longer be putting restrictions on those features. Also perhaps we could have an option to take a score penalty of some sort to continue after we run out of lives. It’s much more fun to experiment with ways to kill bosses if you don’t have to spend ten or twenty minutes working your way back to them after like ten tries.

…It will. Since it uses the Unreal Engine the move by them to keep items distant would break.

I’m sure GBX wouldn’t leave all their PC players hanging even if they did shut down the servers in the distant future.

So I learned that none of your data is stored online, except rank I believe. Character unlocks, progression, story… None. I bought my girl a ps4 so she could play without using that God awful split screen that we leaving us blind. I didn’t upload her save data first (she had no ps+, so no automatic upload). She was rank one, nothing unlocked, had to do the prologue.
I mention this because… Well. Altered save files can happen that means. Their server doesn’t correct a file it knows to be wrong. I’m rank 100 and it didn’t correct it before I manually downloaded my save data - I had nothing. So what I don’t understand is this: why is it an always online game with none of the perks of being always online? I still have to have everything on the system, nothing’s corrected, and I bet money that, were I so inclined, I could edit my files to have most if not all legendaries, and not get caught.

And this is why online functionality would be fine :slight_smile: because I can already alter my files without it knowing :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait… did you mean this is why OFFLINE functionality would be fine?

Yeah, my bad. :stuck_out_tongue: I realize that that uhh. Could be misleading.

I want an offline functionality but because of this: Last night I wanted to play.

I wanted to do something fast, whatever, by myself so I could get my last Oscar Mike lore. So I jumped to do pve alone. Thing was fine, blah, blah, blah… Dunno if you guys know but last night, arround 2 am Spain time, Steam was bonkers, dropping time and time again, being down most of the time.

I could go play another game (I did, luckily Secret World has its own servers and they added a new update with a featuring I wanted to taste) but I really, really wanted to play Battleborn.

So for that I could mind to have offline functionality.

That is incorrect. I’m on the PS4 and the only thing that the save file stores is that you have completed the prologue and whether or not you have viewed new items.

I regularly swap between two PS4s (one upstairs, one in the lounge because my fiancée plays and we alternate between who plays where). If I forget to upload my save file from one machine and download it to another, it’ll still show items I have previously viewed on the other machine (as well as the last character played on the home screen). However characters unlocked, gear items received, mutations unlocked etc are all available no matter how old the save file is as most of the data is stored on Gearbox’s servers. You can also see this is the case when you unlock gear packs and save loadout slots etc, it connects to their server to update the information.